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froggy05February 17, 2005

HELP! I have a little over two months and need to drop 10lbs, I absolutely refuse to try those weightloss pills, and I have been working out and eating better, but I don't see the weight coming off...anyone hae any suggestions, preferably not too expensive suggestions, and maybe a quick fix ( I know its not healthy but I really can't get my dress re-altered two weeks before the wedding). I'm in South Dakota, my dress is in CA...I'm going home to CA two weeks before the wedding so I need to fit into that lovely gown!


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Your body will not drop weight until it is convinced the diet and exercise change is long-term -- Stick with it!
You don't see results until a month or two down the line

Also, evidence says that restricting to one meal is bad: it works better to eat 4 or 5 moderate, healthy meals per day, especially don't skip breakfast.

I follow the research on this topic - send me a note( prowan AT usa.net ) telling how things have gone, what you are doing, and I'll send a note telling what the actual evidence suggests you do.

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I'm a firm believer in Dr. Abravanel's Body Type Diet. The book contains a multiple choice test, and by your answers you determine which "type" you are. The shape of your body (where your body stores the extra fat) and your food cravings are part of it. (For example, one of the questions is "when you're at a party, which food do you find it the most difficult to resist -- the chips and dip, the cakes and cookies... I forget the other choices.) There is a different diet to follow for each body type. I swear, after about a week on the diet your food cravings will vanish and you will feel healthier. As long as you correctly determine which type you are, and if you don't cheat on the diet, you will lose 4% of your total body weight in the first week, and 2% each week after that. You follow the diet for a set number of weeks, then you switch to a stricter diet for one week, then back to the regular diet for a set number, etc. That's to keep your body from hitting a plateau.

It's been a while since I was on this diet, so I'm not certain of the number of weeks, but I think it was 3 or 4 weeks on the regular diet (and it's 1,200 calories), then one week on the stricter diet.

You absolutely should be able to lose that 10 pounds by your wedding day.

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In addition to what you are now doing....walk for 3 miles every day......you'll lose the weight.
Remember....the clue is "in addition" can't skip a workout for a walk....you have to walk too!
Linda C

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My bf is a personal trainer and he always gets so frustrated when people don't take his *eating* advice. He maintains that, in order to loose weight, you have to eat ENOUGH - and by that, eating small amounts more often. He says 5-6 meals a day and, because he isn't into any new-found diet tactics, he suggests each meal consist of a protein (size of palm), a carbohydrate (size of fist), and a veggie. He always complains that the women he trains will not increase their food consumption and I've told him that it's really hard to make our brains believe that more food will help loose weight - it seems to go against everything you have heard since being young. Again, he insists that it will work.

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I dropped 10lbs last year by doing atkins...I think it took me three months though. Buy the book, plan your meals *strictly* by the book (you won't have problems if you do the program as written - people get in trouble with it when they decide to just "cut out carbs" rather than following the actual "plan"), and keep at your workouts. That worked well for DH and I, anyways... (we got bored with atkins last summer, and quit...needless to say, we both put weight back on, sadly enough).

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swim! you work every muscle in your body and you start to feel and see results after just a week! well, i did anyway!

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surgeons, when they need their patients to lose weight right before a surgery, put them on a diet that is much like the Atkins diet.

You might go ask your doctor about this sort of weight-loss plan.

Another thing: when I worked at Weight Watchers Magazine, the weight-loss program people changed their diet to bring about a much more rapid initial weight loss. It was mostly water weight (they changed the sodium intake drastically), but their theory was that by creating that big, slightly artificial weight loss right away, it would motivate people to keep going.


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I recently turned 50, and am starting to see the pounds creep up. I'm 5'3, 126 pounds. I wasn't serious about losing weight before, now I am. Where do I start?

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