Need Help On Picking A Wedding Album Package

amy314February 16, 2009

Hi All,

I found my wedding photographer and can't make up my mine on which album and package I will need about 75 thank you cards but I really love the packages. Please have a look and please help me come to a decision. Here is the link to the wedding album packages. http;//



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I don't know whether this is a real post or a come-on from the photographer, and I didn't go to the web site.

But the reference to thank you notes caught my attention. Are you ordering stationery with your picture on it? I would skip that. I assume they are expensive, and frankly, I think I would find it a little odd to receive. Would you put your photo on your stationery any other time? Probably not -- it seems a little narcissistic -- so I wouldn't do it for a wedding, either. Maybe especially not for thank you notes; the focus should be on the giver of the gift, not the recipient.

Just use regular, nice stationery (not with "thank you" printed on it, either; you're going to write that inside). Save yourselves some money while making it even nicer than if you'd spent more -- how often can you do that?

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Actually, thank you notes with a photo of the couple is very popular. It allows those who attende the wedding to have a photo of the couple and those who couldn't attend get to see them in their finery. Some couples even hold a sign saying "thank you."

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"Actually, thank you notes with a photo of the couple is very popular."

They are popular with some percentage of couples who are getting married. However, I have observed that they are rather less popular with guests who wait six months or more to receive a thank-you note because the couple are sure that everyone wants a card with their photo on it.

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