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des_arc_ya_yaNovember 5, 2006

I know all of you have seen stacks of old suitcases used for storage. My question is: suitcases that are not "boxy" shaped, you know the kind that taper, what can I use to put under each one in order for them to stack up straight and not "pitch forward"? I want something that will stabilize the stack and not show when you're looking at them from the front or the side. Am I making myself clear here!? LOL

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Des, if nothing else, use some duct tape in between them. Fold it backwards so it's round - sticky on both sides (I'm sure you know what I mean). You could put a few strips of that down on each suitcase and I'm pretty sure it would hold - as long as know one fell over into them. Velcro Strips hot glued down???


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Maybe stagger them so one faces forward, the next one faces backward, etc. Or you can cut 1" dowels to fit the front corners, paint them so they match or blend in, and put them (glue, tape) in the front corners so the suitcase is level. Good luck and let us know what you figure out.


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What Cathy said.....dowels or wedges of wood, under the corners.

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