I want to order a piece of glass to go over my wood table. $$ ?

ctychickAugust 18, 2008

How much does a piece of cut glass cost? My table is 42x42, but really just want to know what the range is since I've never purchased this before. Thanks!

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I think about 25.00 for a 1/4 inch. Maybe less.

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I had one made for my breakfast table for $45. A candlestick fell on it and broke it, got another one that was thicker. It wasn't much more. I got a 36 round top for the coffee table on the porch. I got it at Big Lots for cheap.

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Call a local glass dealer. It will be far less than ordering on line and you can probably get it thicker without the cost of shipping heavy items. I honestly cannot remember what it cost me but I have glass on several tables, dressers, because we tend to set cups of coffee/tea and glasses of cola on furniture (not me but my gang) and I have had 2 cherry table tops ruined from such and I just thought, though the glass is not perfect for showing off pretty wood, it's better than ruined wood.

I have used marble on another dresser since it is "faddish" right now and I love marble. I got it as a remnant at a stone yard for less than $100 with fabrication, finishing, sealing.

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ask for the cost of a nice bevelled edge, I have no idea how much more it is.

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I paid around $75 for glass for my PB coffee table. It was an expensive place, I guess. Anyway, my problem is that the glass slides around. I have those little round clear plastic things the glass people gave me the hold it to the wood but that doesn't do the job. Any ideas? it's driving me crazy. Thanks!

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I got two pieces, beveled edges, to cover end tables about 12 x 18" each. The were about $32 each. Be sure to get the little round plastic spacers to put between the wood and the glass. The glass cutters usually give several to you.

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We've bought 2 pieces both from Pier 1. One piece was 24" and cost about $35 and the other was about 42" costing around $60 plus. Both tops are round beveled. Pier 1 also gave us the museum glass stickys. We've had absolutely no problem with either glass top moving about.

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Cut tiny pieces of felt (buy at the marts) from a large piece, make them so miniscule that they are hard to see in the closest color to your table. You could use a hole-punch thing to do this with. Put a dot about 1-inch inside each corner.

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I agree with patricia43. Use felt NOT the plastic spacers. Over time the plastic can melt onto the wood and leave marks.

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I don't have spacers but I do have place mats between the top and the table; they hold the glass top securely in place. Since you don't really need place mats with a glass top this gives me an opportunity to bring in another fabric.

*Look past the goodies on the table to see the place mats. The goodies are from my Cooking Forum swap partner from last year.

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Mustangs, what a cute idea! the placemats that never get dirty. My glass top is on my coffee table in my family room, though, so no placemats there. Plus, lots of feet sitting up there making the glass sliding problem much worse. I'll try the felt, though, thanks for the tip!

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IF glass is heavy enough, it is NOT going to slide.

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That's what I was going to say, patricia. I wouldn't use 1/4 inch glass on anything---too dangerous. Half inch with a pencil edge would probably be heavy enough to stay put on a surface it covers completely. In the case of a base that supports a much larger glass top, the glass must be even thicker to stay in place and be stable enough to eat on it.

We had a glass top (roughly 30" x 40") cut for a painted trunk for use as a cocktail table in our bedroom. The glass is bigger than the base, is 3/4 " thick and is beveled, has a decorative edge, and has clipped corners (about a 4-inch cut across the corner of the rectangle, for both decorative and safety reasons). It cost $350 five years ago. It looks brand new and will probably be with us forever.

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