No Say in my home

mwtollandMay 5, 2009


Here is my problem. 11 years ago I met this loving kind man he had 3 children all above the age of 15 that lived with their mom in another state.We seen them often I had a 5 and 11 year old. Coming from an abusive marriage I had received a settlement and bought a home of course being naive I put my new loves name on deed. Now fast forward to now My son the youngest Lives with me 18 and my daughter who is in college Making a life for herself.

Now I get a drop off of a 27 year old (who has a child in another state)and has drug problems who is basically hiding from his obligations and guilt tripping his father to death. Without being told he was coming and is now camped out on my couch. I also suffer from Bi polar X stress and my otherhalf thinks this is no problem that he never asked me.My children help me out now their expected to be happy about this also. The 27 year old gets a roof all the food he can eat cigerettes you name it it is supplied. Should I leave my home Someone please help.

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NO -- do not leave -- I would first suggest you try couples counseling with dh. I would also warn dh that nothing illegal goes on in the house while you try to work things out.

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Unless it's on fire, don't ever leave your home!

It would give your husband & his son more space to enjoy their disfunctional relationship, & you'd be out of a place to live.

If anyone moves out, it must be the son &, if he has a problem with it, his father.

Warning either one of them that "nothing illegal" goes on in your home will not make any difference.

If this boy/grown man cared about what was illegal or where he did it, he wouldn't have a drug problem.

& the DEA (federal government) can confiscate the home if they find that it has been used for selling drugs.

which is how drug-users pay for their habit.

Get that guy out of your home.

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A little offtopic -- but what od you mean that is how drug-users pay for their habit?

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buying more than they use & selling the excess to pay for their own supply.

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Ok, excuse my ignorance. Honestly I would tell anyone who lives in my house, any signs of drugs and I calll the police.

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