OT Pet issue- please help really needed

parent_of_oneMay 14, 2011

I know..wrong venue but I got excellent cat help here last year and I know I might get help again...I am not sure if anyone has any advice though, but thank you in advance...

My cat is indoor cat, and never ever wants to go outside, somehow we had screen on one of our windows moved and she jumped down...she was hiding in the bushes, we tried to get her, and she was not too happy. It happened in the morning, we can't find her now and she is pretty much has been gone all day....She is declawed so she can't withstand if she is attacked by any wild creature.....

She is not vocal, pretty much makes no noise so it is like we can't hear her outside...

I guess my question is if there is any trick to lure her in? We kept the door open with food by the door, but first of all it is too cold and then we are scared we'll get some wild animals come in....and we can't keep the door open at night

Our cat was very ill two months ago, had 2 surgeries, we were ready to put her down but she recovered and is doing great. It caused us a lot of anxiety when she was sick, I cried every day while she was ill and now we are going though the same thing, we are not coping too well, we are both upset and either walking around the house outside calling for her or get each other upset by constantly talking about what horrors are going to happen to her outside...

if anybody had similar experience and can think of anything how to get a runaway cat back, please let me know...thank you

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Oh no, poor kitty.

When mine fall out the screen window on my sunporch she was gone, but not far. She was terrified. DD11 and I walked and walked the neighboring area calling 'kitty, kitty'. Cricket does not meow real well but she can. I called and called and several times thought I could hear her but she would not come.

She ended up in a indentation in the trunk of the neighbors tree. Another's neighbors dog barked and Cricket must have ran for the nearest 'cover' or place could could find. I called one last time just before dark and finally could tell where the sound of her was coming direction wise and followed the sound. It was not until I was a few feet from her (still could not see her) that she stuck her head out.

I was a pain. I called the neighbors and asked them to look in their garages and asked all to call if they spotted her, heard her or their dos started barking. I had her favorite salmon by the backdoor and I paid the neighbor kids a few bucks each to run around and look/call .

It was not until Cricks could see me and knew she would be safe, did she stick her head out.

Call the animal control for your area in case they picked her up or someone brings her in. If she's still gone in morning print her picture out and post on telephone poles or the like in your area.

I hope your kitty makes it home safe. Can So maybe put a makeshift fence for across the doorway so kitty could jump in about other critters not as easily enter?

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thank you justmetoo! Just a half an hour ago soon after it got dark she came back and sat right by the window at the spot where she jumped off LOL She ran inside the house...and obviously ran to her food. It was raining the whole day and it is pretty cold now, she was as wet as she could be and pretty distressed. Right now she is happily rolling back and forth on the carpet...:) Now we just hope she didn't get bit by anyone outside, didn't get flees and didn't get cold... But at least she is here. She is somewhat apprehensive about climbing on my lap but now as I type she rolled up in her kitty bed ready to go to sleep. :)

Oh no poor Cricket. Glad he was found! The thing with our cat is that she is very particular about food, she only eats one brand of boring dry food that has no smell, can't lure here in with tasty smell. Our cat could meow, but she rarely does. So it is a tough deal if she runs away..Gotta check our window screens better.

I am glad the ordeal is over.

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For the future in case something like this happens again you could train your cat to come to a signal. As we get our cat's food ready we tap on the cat food can with the back of a spoon so it she associates the tapping with being fed. Then when we want her to come inside we go to the door and tap on the can and she generally comes running :-) Of course then she gets fed to reinforce the lesson.
Glad she came in, I know how it feels. DD's cat escaped when we were babysitting him once, it was getting dark and he was out there with no collar in a strange neighbourhood. I felt sick. Luckily I spotted him hiding under the next door neighbour's vacation trailer. (Whew!)

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thanks collenoz, we do have a signal, I shake her ceramic bowl which makes click click sound. But see she is strictly indoor cat and never ever goes outside, when she got outside she was hiding in the bushes in fear and then we didn't even see where she ran, plus it was raining, she wouldn't come close to the house until it got dark and quiet in the neighborhood. And funny she ran out after she just ate so food didn't seem exciting to her...

Oh it was DD's cat? when I babysit my parents cats I am paranoid they will run away, my dad will never forgive me. ha

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PO1, I'm so glad you got your cat! We have indoor cats as well, and one is very sick and needs medication twice a day and we're so scared she'll get out somehow. I hope you're starting to feel better now; you must have been so upset.

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I was hysterical, mattie. My cat was also very ill few months ago but is fine now, good luck with your kitty

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Yes, it was DD's cat, I was so worried I wanted to throw up. We have a back up for luring our cat in when regular food has no interest- she will do just about anything for people tuna so we always have a can on hand. Often standing in the back door just holding the tuna can so she might see it wherever she is hiding is enough, she recognises the shape of the can, but if all else fails opening it so she can smell the gooooood tuna brings her running even when she's just had a full meal :-)

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Thanks, PO1. Our cat is not expected to make it - but they told us in November she wouldn't make it until Christmas. Vet told me a few weeks ago she probably wouldn't last the week. But she's been fighting it hard (they think she has a brain tumor) and so we will help her fight so long as she wants to stay with us. And after six months of one med twice a day, and now an additional one three times a day, and watching kitty somehow keep her pleasant personality despite the fact that she's now blind in one eye, has balance problems and we think is also deaf on at least one side, we'd be devastated if we lost her to something stupid like an accidental escape from the house.

Colleenoz, just the sound of the can opener now lures our other cat! He loves tuna. We've just given up and always buy an extra can because otherwise it's difficult to cook tuna casserole while begging cat is crying at me.

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mattie, it sounds awful, poor kitty. It is tough call at what point you need to let it go...

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PO1, vet says she's not in pain and she's still quite interested in what goes on around her - he says we'll know when it's "time".

The other thing that is in the back of our minds is the example we're setting for SS. BM has had the string of disposable animals that seems to be so common here and as soon as an animal becomes inconvenient it's gone. We've explained to SS that not only do we love kitty because she is part of the family, but she's our responsibility because we adopted her. To have her put down while she still appears to be enjoying life because it's inconvenient and a bit expensive for us would set a horrible example for SS, we think.

(It sounds awful reading this - it's not as bad as it sounds. Kitty adjusted to eyesight and balance problems and is still able to get around to her favorite spots and such just fine.... That's what I meant when I said she doesn't seem to want to give up yet.)

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My cat did the same thing a few times. Jumped down from a 2nd story deck (crazy cat!) and dissapeared for about a week. I looked all over for him, put out posters, checked the pound and so forth. He showed back up one night at the front door of the apartment. (even though he's never been outside or out of that door)

He was dirty and greasy and probably slept in the bushes and under cars for the last week, but he was thrilled to be home. Now i just make sure that his tags are always current and he always has his collar on. (he is declawed also, but cats still have teeth! they are not as weak and vulnerable as we think they are)

My parents had a cat who was fully declawed but would still run around outside catching mice and birds. Then she lost an eye... didn't phase her!

Happy to hear your kitty made it back home. :)

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