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luckymom_cJanuary 16, 2009


My daughter's wedding venue has a large, rustic, wooden arbor which we'd like to decorate in an asymmetrical style. We like japanese ikebana arrangements, but we're NOT going for a japanese look. We'd like to keep it rather clean - not a lot of swags, garlands, bouquets, etc. Really just enough to take the edge off. We've thought of having a large pot of something on each side, but the asymmetry is difficult for us figure.

Has anyone seen anything like what I'm trying to describe? Photos would be immensely helpful!

Thanks for any ideas!

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Here are a couple of thoughts - This is NOT decorated for a standard wedding. However, take a look at the shapes and sizes. It is asymetrical, but beautifully balanced. And note the simplicity of color. It's not on the arbor, but next to it.

The second thought I have as the link. I know in the picture the wind is contributing. However, even before the gust, there were flowers just on the upper left. And it seems to me that the ferns are 'thinner' on the right.

One thing to keep in mind is that the standard bride and groom or full wedding party make up an asymetrical arrangement. The eye is drawn toward the white of a wedding gown much more than that of a dark suit. If you have attendants standing up as well, the bride's side is likely much more eye catching than the groom's. Because of this, I'd give the groom's side the greater 'oomph' if one side seems more visually weighted than the other.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi Duckie,
Thanks for such a thoughtful reply. The windblown arbor picture was helpful, as were your thoughts about where the eye will be drawn. Ordinarily I envision the height being on the left, but I'm going to try reversing that. There will be only one attendant on each side, if that matters.

Any more ideas or images will still be appreciated.


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