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nosoccermomAugust 11, 2014

From Domino, see link below. I'm not sure if you need to sign up to get access, though.

If yes, let me know and I can post the list.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best Design Blogs

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It required sign up, and IâÂÂm not signing up for anything else!

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Maybe someone could post a list here?

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Emily Henderson
A Beautiful Mess
Little Green Notebook
Bower Power
A Cup of Jo
Making It Lovely
Justina Blakeney
Desire to Inspire
Yellow Brick Home
The Hunted Interior
La Dolce Vita
Pure Style Home
Happy Mundane
Design Is Mine
Design Chic
My Scandinavian Home
My Paradissi
Creature Comforts

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I knew someone else was probably making a list at the same time I was - and a better list, I must say! Thanks, dlm

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I found Emily Henderson's blog following her stint on Design Star, which she won. Love the blog, love her fresh style and really love her online persona. It's well worth following. I especially like how she mixes a bit of her personal life (she had a child recently) but keeps the focus on the design aspect. Seems to be such a genuinely nice lady.

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bookmarked. Thanks dlm2000 and bbstx. Appreciate it.

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The Decorologist from Nashville, TN

Here is a link that might be useful: The Decorologist

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Thank you for sharing this.

I'm not signed up with Domino, and so don't have access to the article. I'd love to know the criteria, though, that Domino implemented to make this list. Quantity of posts? Quality? The layout of the blog itself? There is a lot of regurgitation and posting-just-to-post that occurs on many of these blogs. I'm not sure what qualifies some of these as "the best" in terms of design.

I conducted a random check on a few of them, and many of their recent posts didn't even address design, such as Making It Lovely and Happy Mundane (beach towels?). Stylebeat's most recent post is about throw pillows (sigh). Pure Style Home's Lauren has drastically reduced her blog posts because she's writing a book. Her recent posts are along the lines of "I'm doing a lot of stuff but won't share what it is." This is fine--she's focusing on other efforts. But to rate her blog as one of the best is... well...

What qualifies for this list?

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peony4, I got to the full article without signing up by going through the link at the blog I've linked below. In other words, go to the blog and then click on the link to the Domino article.

Domino doesn't give criteria, but here is their introductory paragraph:

There are people behind certain blogs "interior designers, decorators, tastemakers "who share a part of themselves each and every day. Post after post, they invite us into their lives, their homes, and even other people's homes. Before you know it, we feel like friends. Old friends. They challenge us to pair unthinkable colors together. They encourage us to tackle a project. They push us to embrace a new look. ItâÂÂs about time we give them a round of applause. Presenting "in no particular order" the 26 blogs that have captured our decorating hearts.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to blog with link to Domino article

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Thanks for sharing this, bbstx. I had lunch with some old friends this week. A blog has never made me feel the way they do. :-)

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Oh gee, I'm getting old and cranky. I looked at almost all those blogs ( demolition avoidance syndrome in full force). I didn't find even one of them interesting or imaginative. You folks on GW on this forum are doing much better stuff than I see on these sites. I like cote de Texas but even she is stuck in a rut of slipcovers, wood blinds and seagrass. I want to see some crazy creative stuff, and not just safe and polite. And just throwing around some gaudy dayglow colored pillows doesn't cut it. I'm not saying decorating ones home in safe ways is bad, it's just rarely blog worthy. Like I said, I'm grumpy today.

This post was edited by rgps on Wed, Aug 13, 14 at 16:24

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No RGPS, you are not grumpy. Like you, I found those lacking in creativity and almost cliche. It appeared there was a clan of decorators, as they call themselves, who had taken some good ideas and overused them out of lack of their own creativity and I agree there are far more creative and more creative people here than on either of those blogs, but then my eyes may deceive me and someone here will give me 10,000 reasons why no one is jumping on board with me and defend the lackluster "best blogs." Ouch! I await the onslaught of rotten eggs and soured pies.

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rgps and patricia. I think most of these blogs are by people who like talking about themselves and how clever they are, and their topics and pics are cliché to the extreme. When they start getting advertisers, then they REALLY get the big, self-important head.

no rotten eggs from me.

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I agree with rgps and Patricia. I looked at the list and wasn't impressed.

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Love Shari Hart - she is very talented and has a great sense of humor.

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