Whatcha doin'???

des_arc_ya_yaNovember 16, 2004

I mean what project are you working on right now? My last project was taken away from me and done by my DH!(Not that I mind, at all! LOL) He took an old wooden medicine cabinet that had been my grandmother's, sanded and repainted it for me and hung it in our bathroom.

I found a photo of Grandma and me made when I was about six. He enlarged it for me and I have it sitting on top of the cabinet.

What about you? Wht's your latest project?

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Your medicine cabinet and precious photo both sound great! Doesn't it feel good when you can get something accomplished?

I bought two small round tables I want to use as end tables in the living room. They were stained black and then painted white on top and distressed. I want them to be an antique walnut color. On another forum, I heard you could strip furniture with oven cleaner. Tried that, and it did not work at all. So, I used paint and stain stripper on them, with mixed and limited results. Now I have an expensive mess. I am tempted to throw them out and keep looking for tables that are already done in the finish I like (have been looking for a few years). My alternative is to have them professionally dipped. I shudder to think how expensive that would be!

Wish I could borrow your husband to come and take them over for me! LOL

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Oh, trust me, he doesn't do professional quality work - he just has a strong arm and (I hope!) a weak spot for me! LOL

Have you tried airplane stripper? Seems like it's stronger than a lot of the others.

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hi, been a little slow for me in the creative areas for about 6 mo,s but in the last 30 days or so I managed to make a arts and crafts area ,workbench , shelves , a shelf for craft paint,if I had a true talent I guess its what you call a studio but a place I can find all the craft junk is what i,m calling it.
also still casting concrete bugs, a hard hat mold with rail road spike or bolt legs easy . painted a few to look like lady bugs.want to put ten together for a catipillar or centipede or ?
made my first mosaic a few weeks ago flat marbles glued on a 8in. sq. pc. of plexi . a sun catcher sort of ,used my 6 yr.olds design so I can blame her practicing for a big pc. getting ready to start back on my kitchen remodel during christmas to long a list but I will get a digital camera for christmas then show you all .rick in wichita

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For the past week or two I've been trying to get some Christmas decorations painted and decorated. I've had some of them for 3 years now...wooden ones, plaster ones, ceramic ones, resin ones, and some that I want to make. Some of these I have are mine but I have some that I promised my two daughters and a sister that I would paint for them! Good grief, this is worst than I thought...I better paint faster!


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