Cost? $0.00 Value of Sitting Sometimes? Priceless! (photo)

des_arc_ya_yaNovember 3, 2007

Running through some photos this afternoon and realized that I could "show off" my curbside shopped chair. Already had the red paint. Recovered the seat in a piece of an old vinyl tablecloth. I've used it long enough in my kitchen for an extra chair that the cat has started "working" on the seat. Sure glad it wasn't $100 a yard upholstery fabric! LOL

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Wow weeeeeee!
That is my kinda sitting pretty !!!
U know I am just the gal who drives down the street and that curb side stuff just jumps in my van!!!
and I am with you... the paint is there and magic happens someone's discard.... becomes our treasures and we can sit down and say THANKS !!!Priceless !!!!!!!
You did a great job !! I love the RED and the matching hutch
your dishes look soooooo prettty !
AHHHHHH ! Free stuff !
Good pictures - thanks for sharing!
God Bless !

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I love that whole little setting there! Love the cabinet, love the dishes, and love the chair! I never used to care very much for red, but it is now my favorite color! Great job!

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That looks great! I'm still working up the nerve to pick things up from the curb. I missed my chance a couple of weeks ago at the house just across the street from me. A great chair, headboard,etc. I t was late when I got home & was gonna get it in the morning, well......morning was too late. Seeing this will make me get it when I see it. Great job & for free too!

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You have such good curbshopping by you ....... your chair is awesome !

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Wow! Love the retro look of it all! Nice job on the chair.

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Gosh, is that ever cute! And very smart with that checkerboard tablecloth look!

I love curbshopping chairs. It seems they're fairly easy to find, and there are so many great ways to fix them up-- as you've proven here!


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Love your chair! The red and white check is perfect for it. Love your cabinet and dishes too. ;o) Luvs

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AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME - what a great way to cover a chair seat, I love it.


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Very nice choice of colors, it's perfect with the dishes! Love it all!

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Thanks, guys. I appreciate the compliments. Sometimes it's nice to see old familiar things through someone else's "new" eyes!

Just looked at (somebody's???) all white chair and flowerpot with a green plant in it and thought it was gorgeous! Better get out and find me another chair! LOL

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