Technique to highlight carved detail?

busygirlNovember 26, 2007

I am refinishing a gilt mirror frame to put in my bathroom. I plan to paint it a satin white and would appreciate some advice on how to add a greyish highlight on the carved detail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Take some grey acrylic paint and dab it onto a styrofoam plate. Then dab an old rag into it. Wipe it across the carving quickly. If there's too much paint in one place use another rag to remove it.
Go lightly. It's easier to add more paint by doing it a second or even third time then it is to put too much on at once.

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Thanks Carol! I'm really new at this and appreciate your advice.

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Maybe I'm a purist, but I like highlights on the raised surfaces and darker shade in the recesses. I would paint it the white that you want and after it's dry and you're ready for the second shade, I would mix a little glaze in with the paint and work it into the cracks and crevices. Then wipe it off right away and voila! you will have the highlights the way they should my humble opinion. :o)

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I'll do a tester both ways to see what works best with the piece. Right now I'm having trouble covering up the gold. Spray primer didn't do it so now I'm going to try a good Ben Moore primer with a foam roller.

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It could get a very nice shabby chic look if some of the gold is allowed to come through. If it were me, I'd paint the darker color, working into the grooves, then the light color on top, wipe it while it's still wet to show the darker color, then when it's completely dry, use sand paper to expose the gold again. Just a thought...

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