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bobbie46August 14, 2014

Goodmorning all. I have an excellent drapery seamstress. She sells a somewhat soft blackout lining for $12.30 a yard. She will not use the poly blend which is also soft. I can provide my own lining for $7.90 a yard from PTree and can even buy a lining for less ($4.80) if I drive to Interior Fabrics in New Orleans. You can see the warp and weft of both the $12+ and the $7.90 product and both seem very good. I have not seen the one from New Orleans yet. The lining from my seamstress has a slight nap on the back and may be a tiny bit softer but I cannot really see much, if any, difference. I have seen drapes in the PTree showroom, ( $7.90) which look nice but they are not interlined and mine will be interlined. The seamstress also sells interlining which is a little bit thicker than the one at the store $10 versus $7.90 at PTree or the $6.40 from Interior Fabrics. I think the $7.90 will be fine and the less expensive one may be as well. I will have six nine foot tall curtains, three singles and one triple and will need almost 50 yards so the diference in cost for the lining ranges from $240 to $615 and interlining from $400 to $500. The difference is significant but not a deal breaker. My drapery fabric is a medium weight white linen. I hope to decide today. This is short notice, but if anyone knows these products, please make suggestions!

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Without names, prices mean nothing, so impossible to advise with no other info than that.
I don't know of any curtain pros that would accept COM lining or interlining. Fabric yes, lining no, because most of the lining sold in retail stores, are of the cheap and poorer quality variety.
Of course, I don't have a clue what linings this person is using, so hard to tell if it's better quality or not.
Maybe someone that's familiar with these stores and what linings they sell, can answer you better.
Overall, the higher the price, the better the quality, is the best advice I can offer.

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I have limited experience with blackout lining having only made two window treatments with it. For the first window, I used RocLon's Budget Blackout and it seemed fine to me. At JoAnn's Fabrics, it's always on sale & I got it for $3.50/yd. It's 70% poly, 30% cotton.
After reading some posts on the sewing forum, I tried Hanes Outblack ($7/yd). I feel both of these blackout linings are very good. However, I do prefer the Hanes lining (100% cotton substrate) because it is a little more supple (not quite as stiff).

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