refinishing drop leaf table, 2 chairs

nanaofiveNovember 2, 2007

Hi, Everyone! I just inherited a small drop leaf table (round)and two chairs. They were my son's, he bought them at a thrift store and has now moved out of the apartment and doesn't want them. I fell in love with the table! I don't know what I will do with them, I was thinking of putting in our spare bedroom that is for my granddaughters when they spend the night with us for them to color and play. They are all wood and the table top needs to be sanded for sure. I can't decide whether to stain or paint them. Anyone have any suggestion? I will try to post a picture when my son gets home with his digital camera. I know there must be some really cute ideas because there are some very creative, talented people on this forum, of which I am not, but I can do the work when given suggestions! TIA, Nancy

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I'd keep it too, those are wonderful, versatile tables. If it were mine, I'd probably paint it white and paint roses on it. But since you are thinking about the girls using it, how about just decoupaging some paper dolls or other pics to the top and then putting a sealer over them. Nice thing is that you can always sand it down and refinish it when they are through with it. If you do refinish it, think about maybe getting a piece of plexiglass to cover the top so they can use it and not ruin the top. Luvs

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Howdy - nanaofive:
Describe your room - what decor do you tend to lean towards, / do you like the Mary Engelbright look or the McKinzie Childs, or something like that for little girls,
or do you want it to be more adult....painted, stained etc.
I think the table as you described it sounds darling!
and I know you will get quite a few ideas ... robolay, luvs,thrift shop romantic, they all have so many wonderful ideas,,, many other Garden Web people men, and women have fantastic projects...
and just sooooooo many creative things you can change it several times.
Thanks for sharing the start of the project with us
Keep us informed...
God Bless !

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Don't know how old your grandkids are, but I tore out illustrations and nursery rhymes from an old dilapidated book and decoupaged them to the tabletop. I first painted it with an apple green color to match my 50's kitchen decor. Kids are now too big and the table and chairs are stored! :(

Good luck - let us see what you decided to do.

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I like the decoupage idea. If you do too, do you need any books? After raising 3 readers...some of their favorites cannot even be donated to a thrift shop! I'm sure I have some Little Golden Books and maybe a Beatrix Potter I could donate!


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