My Stepson is Awesome

starrMay 7, 2010

I'm a lurker but I just wanted to share another postive "Step" Mother's Day story. I'm a stepmom to a nine year old stepson with no bio kids of my own. Today SS9, had a luncheon in his classroom for Mother's Day. I was pleasantly surprised that I was invited. We have a great relationship but he and I both know that he already has a mom.

BM and I have a decent relationship - I am very cognizant of trying not to step on her toes which I think makes our relationship work. I think she appreciates that I love SS very much so we have always been able to get along.

The kids all wrote a poem about their mother and read it aloud before they served us lunch.

So today all the moms are in the classroom sitting at their kids desk with the kids sitting on the floor. My SS was the only one that had "two" moms there. So BM and I are sitting side by side in this tiny space sharing his little desk area in these small little chairs - the type of kid chair where your knees practically hit your chin when you sit down. I imagine that sight alone had to be pretty funny.

The kids each took a turn reading their poem to their moms. My SS gets up and reads the poem to his mom, it was very sweet and I was proud of him. After he finished reading his mom's poem he read one to me. I had to fight the tears! It was so cute! I love this kid!

DH and I have only been married a year but we have been together for six years. So this is my first "mothers day" since the wedding. Although he won't be with us on Mother's Day, and I imagine I will not hear from him on the day, I can't imagine the glow that I have right now will wear off anytime soon!

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Very sweet & wonderful that you & BM have such a cordial relationship that this event was made to be all about your DSS expressing his love for you both in a postive atmosphere. That's awesome!


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What a terrific day for you!
Lucky boy, lucky mom, lucky you!

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this is just too great! nice to hear positive stories, and what a sweet little boy!

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What a lovely post -- Thanks for sharing!
And bless you for working with BM to keep your relationship positive for SS.

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Wonderful. It is so amazing when people can put aside their issues to allow for others to care for their child. What a beautiful story of sharing and love.

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Congratulations...that is a sweet story. Good for you and him.

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