How to 'fix' this?

Mags438May 18, 2014

I know it's not that bad and I'm prolly being picky, but I really don't like all the extra dowel showing. Any ideas on how to 'fix'?

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Wonder if you could have a removable "frame" placed in the inset area so that it would mimic the shaker rails and stiles? I'm not sure how you would secure it so that it could be removed when you need to change a roll of paper towels, but maybe something could be worked out. You would also need something that would limit how far back and forth the roll moves along the sides.

I wonder if the "frame" (made up of stiles and rails, no center panel) could be attached to the existing holder along the left and the right sides where it comes close to the front of the opening and then whole unit be placed on glides so that you could slide the "drawer" forward to replace the towel roll. Depending on if you have undermount or side glides, things may need to be altered a bit. If undermount, you'll need a bit of a "drawer base" built also. If side glides, you'll need the sides of the towel holder to be made a bit smaller so that the glides can fit along the left and right sides.

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I think it looks perfectly fine. But I also know it bugs me when I think something is "off" and everybody else (mostly hubby) says it's fine. Neatly cut a roll of paper towels in half and thread it on next to the full one? Or maybe a stainless steel rod vs painted one would look more "custom" and tie into the drawer pulls? Or just get used to it? :). It's a cool feature and I am a teeny bit jealous actually!

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You could order a "frame" only from the manufacturer and install with earth magnets that are bored into the frame and into the cleats that are showing

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Sophie Wheeler

Cut another row of towels in half to fit on the dowel with the full roll. Now you have your own select-a-size. Probably easy enough to do with a sawzall.

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For me it's just not finished nicely. How do you get the roll out? Does it slide out the back or does the roll itself squish up like a toilet paper roll?

The two sides of the roll holder are different widths and they seem to be rather roughly finished.

Here is a thread about this question. On here is a photo of one that is a rounded frame rather than a square frame such as yours.

Depending on how the insert works maybe there's a way of styling a frame to be a bit wider.

Here is a link that might be useful: paper towel holder in a drawer

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Yes, it removes from the back. I'm trying to get to the finish line in this phase of kitchen reno, so I wanted a really simple fix. What about something simple like make the end pieces wider/thicker? (Funny, before I posted this, I couldn't come up with one possible solution the last 2 days). I have space behind there to keep a couple of extra rolls, but not necessary. If I thicken/widen the ends (and make them even-sized, I noticed that too), how much 'play' should I give the roll?

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I don't have a solution but wanted to say your inset cabinets with bead are really pretty. Nice hardware choice too.

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Just out of curiosity, can you fit 2 rolls in there?

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Paint the dowels black or silver to match the hardware below. Try it out with construction paper/aluminum foil to see if it works for you!!

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I wouldn't give more than an inch of play on either side of the roll otherwise it's going to be swinging from side to side and maybe a little irritation. Having said that you still want to be able to reach it to take it off and on.

I'm wondering - could you have a whole new base built for it so that the dowel is also shorter - along the ideas that your first poster andreak100 suggested. But instead of making it movable, have the same type of drawer side built in on both sides as a block and attached on either side and have the paper towel inserted into it. It looks like the width of the two sides would be about what you would need and give little play for the paper towel roll.

I don;t know if I'm explaining it very well and my drawing skills are nonexistant.

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Thanks. I don't have the heart to ask them to re-do the installed base. I have a countertop template in less than 2 weeks. The template had a 5-6 week lead time, so I don't want to re-schedule that and doubtful a new base would be ready. I like the ideas. As suggested, perhaps they could just put a drawer frame without the recessed part. Didn't realize it, but with the openness of the PT holder, when u enter the kitchen, it is very noticeable.

Thanks and Yes, I'm extremely happy with the quality of the cabs. My new kitchen is all cabs since it's small, and I need storage, storage, storage. I don't think I could have had a better experience with cab ppl. And I'm am (or was) a TKO'er. I hope that top pull is level, where's my tape measure? Lol

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Have them insert a false drawer front on slides.

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