wedding video failure

gr8akmomJanuary 4, 2007

Hi, I'm a newbie to this forum, I'm also a m-o-t-b and need some advise or opinions. We just had my daughters wedding at a hotel here in Anchorage and I just found out the hotel wedding coordinator didn't check the batteries before the wedding for their video equipment and so didn't get video of the wedding. I guess she couldn't locate the power cord either. The grooms family are all from Austria so they were really counting on this video. I am just sick about it. I don't even want to talk to the wedding coordinator, she hasn't called, my son-in-law told me the news. Any opinions?

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Your most important roll at the moment would be a cheerful "We'll work something out for your in-laws" for your daughter. Do an upbeat search for folks who may have video taped or photographed the wedding on their own. Then compile what you get with a bit of gushing about how this is more 'personal' than what the results would be from someone who is paid to record the wedding.

Temper all that with some level headed unemotional discussion of how the wedding couple can go about being reimbursed for the services not rendered. I assume the contract was with the bride and/or groom rather than you since the co-ordinator has contacted them. Let them be the ones to actually handle it with her.

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I agree with Duckie. Look for family and friends that may have taken video clips or photos. You can have still photos made into a video, though it won't be the same as having the real thing.

If the video was included in the contract as a service provided by the hotel, they are responsible for the coordinator's failure, or the operator's failure, to keep their equipment in a good operable manner.

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Our photographer made a wonderful slide show on a CD with music. I think it is just as nice as a video. Maybe the wedding photographer or some other savvy person could made one for you from the photos.

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I guess I wasn't clear about which son-in-law. I heard from my other daughter's husband who was assigned to push the record button not the brides husband. He found out when the equipment would not turn on. My husband and I have the contract with the hotel so I talked to the wedding coordinator and she said the hotel rented the equipment from another vendor and they are not responsible except for the $150 fee which they will return to me. Doesn't seem enough to me. I'm thinking I need to see an attourney. I'm sure there are lovely photo's but haven't seen them yet from the photographer, but no video is such a disappointment. Even I had a tape recording of my wedding made back in the 70's so we could rehear the songs, minister's message, and vows. We will see about having a slide show made for an extra fee. That's about all we can do now. Thanks for your input.

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You could have a slide show made and have the bride and groom voice over their vows. You can also have the photos put to music and I'm sure that your photographer can probably use the wedding songs as the background to the photo show. If there were important speeches, maybe those could be voiced over too. It will probably cost some bucks, but if most of the grooms family couldn't attend, that may be something that they would really like to have.

As for sueing, the chances of you getting anything are zilch. There were no real damages (as seen by the law) and they already refunded your money.

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Oddity, Do you have any knowledge of law? I did go see an atty and he is looking into my case. He tells me there are damages and just because they refunded the rental costs doesn't mean they do not have to compensate me for the loss of my daughter's wedding video. Please try not to advise others when you seem to not have a clue!

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I'm a videographer and if I was doing such a mistake when filming, actually not filming a wedding, I'd be scared of a lawsuit. Especially that I work with a specific wedding video contract. What finally happened. Did they settle? $20,000?


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wow....that's just gross negligence on so many levels.

When I was asked to videotape my cousins wedding a few weeks ago I triple checked and made sure that I had enough battery and tape. I even brought the powercord with adapter so that I could recharge the battery after the ceremony but before the reception.

Sounds like the "service" they provided was run by someone who obviously had no idea what they were doing.

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There are attorneys that will take a case no matter what, so that may not be an indication of liability on the wedding coordinators part. Ducky, Sweat Pea, Socks and Oddity all made great suggestions on making the best of the situation. Stills can be made into beautiful slide show, and may in fact reflect the beauty of the day more than a video that captures every word. Your new relatives may appreciate more your taking the high road and making lemonaide out of lemons.

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Jerriellijay doesn't know what their talking about. No attorney with a brain in their head will take this no-money loser. It happened. Terrible situation. Nobody cares except you. The court won't. You'll get a judgement you'll never collect and huge attorney's fee for for excercising your outrage. Move on.

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Asolo, "No attorney with a brain in their head will take this no-money loser." Trouble is, I think there are plenty of attorney's out their without a brain in there head!

A agree with you, it's time for her to move on and cut her losses. That's what I was trying to say. (I just didn't do it very well! ;0). Thanks for clarifying.

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