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kudzukweenNovember 6, 2008

I finally got around to working on this tea set! Couldn't find paint and had to make do...but as of today it has a green wash on it. Painted these silver candle sticks white, they'll be made into something purty soon :D Come see my pics!

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Hi kudzu, I'm working on a fabric garland that I seen on a site i found through I think a post on GJ. Anyways, I'm going to tie the pieces of fall material on orange trinkle lights. I'm on the look out for ideals for items for in my shop next fall....

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Talk about improvising!!! Green food coloring in white paint!! Go Girl!! I never would have thought of that!! The potato soup is about way I make it. Mom makes it with leftover mashed potatoes,milk ,celery or peas,butter & onion for a quick meal. They are on low sodium diet so leave out bacon. Did you set your linen cloth with vinegar so color doesn't come out. I used to do that when I dyed something. Can't wait to see the tea set further along, I think it will be really beautiful!! Jan

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I'd love to see the fabric garland. I've spotted lots of cool fall decorating ideas this year!
Hoss is still talking about the potato soup. We had the rest for breakfast the next morning...And oh,man it was even better!
I used salt to set the dye, the tea bath didn't work, I know I didn't have enough tea bags or water for that. Just gonna go with a light tan coloring, or leave it alone. One of Hoss' friends asked if I could do something with some nice cornices and draperies. They're Gold!! So I'm gonna use the drapery material, it's much nicer than linen, and I'll use the linen for something else later. Hoss told him yeah I'd take it and use it, that I could prolly make a '72 Cadillac convertible out of it if I tried hard enough :P""

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Hi I have been making flower and ornament arrangements out of x-mas ornaments to give to exercise class.I had a lot of old flower arrangements that I was tired of.I AM ALSO MAKING FLOWER CHILDREN;SOCK SNOWMEN AND PENGUINS.THEY WENT OVER PRETTY WELL.

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Sounds great! I'd love to see some photos :D This week I scrounged some rusty bed springs and made a few things from those, and cut up a bunch of neck ties for other things. I have things I'm thinking about making, but I have a very short attention span! LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Your snowpeople came out good. I think I know what Aiden wants for xmas! (bro & sis)mom will be thrilled!!!Did you tell her? His are very cute & look very warm, I'm glad he wanted the earmuffs,they are so cute!! Love the star & bet it smells good! Jan

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LOL...he does want a baby sister or baby "brudder"...that's how he says it! And he played with those snow men he made all evening, taking care of his "sister" :D But every time I help him make something, when he finishes, he says what can we make now? LOL He may turn into a wonderful,talented artist like a lot of my relatives!

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