Newspaper Papier Mache Craft

kudzukweenNovember 12, 2008

Recycle some newspaper and have fun with the kids! Take a nature walk to find some twigs, then come home and put these together and dry in the oven :D Paint them up(I love glitter)If you have to, drill a hole in the bottom of the partridge to glue it on a short branch on your twig. Use wire as a stem for the pear, and for the leaf. Wrap the wire stem to hang it from a branch. I hope you like it! Directions and photos here...

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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very cool! I like your dreams. I'll have to give that a try. I want to decorate my tree with all birds this year. At first I thought earths, but its hard to find them at ys anymore (little ones that kids used to get as banks etc.) So birds it is. Maybe birds and earths lol.

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Thanks Kathy :D I now decorate my tree with glass birds that have real feather tails,and you can clip them to the tree.Real birds'nests the kids have found for me over the years,grapevine. I'll post a photo when we set it up,we love it. We saw it on the cover of a magazine:D

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