Mosaic grout color: Can I change it after it's dry?

Lindajm617May 28, 2011

I made a tray by using glass tiles (that I cut) on wood. I first used white grout, but it was too light. So I made another batch of grout (weeks later) coloring it with some tea and red food coloring. I smeared it on top of the white grout and it came out too too red/pink!!!

What can I do to make it lighter? I even tried regrouting with the white but it just went back to pink!!

Should I paint it with acrylic paint? Bleach it? Any advise is greatly appreciated. The lovely tiles are mainly pink and they are disappearing within the pink grout!

HELP! Many thanks, Linda

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You could try spritzing it w/bleach and scrub w/a soft brush. If that doesn't work, try again w/another grout color. How about pearl gray - it's a wonderful neutral that shows the tess rather than make the grout noticeable.

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I think gray is nice with pink.
Just for your future projects: do you know about putting some dry grout on a small area of your piece to get a sense of how that grout color will look? its a bit messy but can save a piece from being grouted the wrong color.

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