so what'm I gonna'do with a 10'ladder

jaybirdNovember 6, 2007

that I hauled out of a dumpster and hid behind the building that I work in???????

It's an old wooden ladder that is intact, but probably wobbly...I can tighten it up and make it secure, but we own a small house and don't NEED a 10' ladder :^)

Give me some ideas quick before I haul it home to face 'da boss :^)


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Use it for part of an arbor.....cut into sections and use it to hang towels on in the kitchen or bath,hang it from the ceiling and use it to hang pots, baskets or herbs.

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Jaybird, on the Garden Junk forum you can get some great ideas for wooden ladders. Just do a search and you will find lots of posts. You can cut it into smaller length and use for different uses. Luvs

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These are not my original ideas but pictures that I had saved because I thought they were good artful ladder recycles. I've also seen ladders leaned against a wall and used as towel holders in the bathrooms and magazine holders in other rooms.

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Ladders are wonderful, useful things! I started by cutting the old extension ladder we had from our old house in sections.

I have one in the guest-bathroom for towels. It goes almost to the ceiling, braced away from the wall at the top by brackets. Lots of room for towels to dry!

And...I have more sections in the garden for trellises. I also have an old wooden picker's ladder that I found in someone's trash.

~Sandy~ (from Junk)

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If nothing else, run them across sawhorses, etc. and use them to hang clothing on when you have a garage sale! (I have two loooong sections out by my shed, too. I just haven't wanted to cut them into smaller pieces until I decide what I'm gonna do with them.

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As Luvs suggested, look in the Garden Junk forum for ideas. One is to just place it in the garden and use it for potted plants and some decorative things like birdhouses, watering cans, fairies, etc. You'll find some fantastic ideas in that forum.


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I cut one down, & use it to hang my towels on in the guest bathroom.

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I LOVE the arbor idea, but if you had a largish home, using it to hang quilts on would be so pretty!

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Oh my!!! Guess I will have to locate MORE ladders....all of these ideas sound GREAT!! So far it is still waiting, but this weekend I will get busy and make it SOMEthing!!
Thank you all so much for coming to my if someone would just like to explain to DH why I NEED more ladders...:^)

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Hmm..maybe this isn't the most practical use of your ladder, but you could use either half of the (is it a step ladder?) ladder...paint/stain it, then hang it on a long wall-sideways. Or also, cut in half to make two shorter versions.Thinking you could either place some seasonal prints (or mirrors) behind each rung of the ladder or by screwing an eyehook into the center of each section-hang something you enjoy from the hooks. Maybe from underneath the bottom rung-you could add coathooks & place in your entry/back entry walls.

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I think I've seen a ladder used as a valance at the top of a window. If I ever do that I'll hang a suncatcher in each space for extra bling.

With all these great ideas I'm now hoping to find some old ladders! DH may have one out behind the shed, he says! Altho I got that look that said "another crazy idea". I'm hoping to prove him wrong again! :)

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Oh, go check out this thread

Make a redneck Christmas tree, lol.

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this is not my idea but saw this only this is what Im doing with my cute little ladder I got the other day!

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I love ladders, I have 2 wooden 6ft. ladders, one painted red, the other a bright blue in the yard...A few years ago, I would of never had such... a ladder only represented work...that is, before I got hooked on Garden Junk.
I love that ladder with the hands and cute...
Does anyone know where I could buy hands and feet like that?

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