Pew Bows Question......How Many Needed?

katclaws_moJanuary 22, 2006

Hi everyone,

Me again, with

more questions about the Pew Bows this time.

How many are actually needed? Are they just to reserve the

first few pews for immeadiate family & wedding

party? Or are they supposed to go on every pew?

I know this seems like a strange question, but I'm just not sure how many we need to get. I have been looking on e-bay and they have some nice one. Some are pricey & some nice less expensive ones. I saw some at Michael's, but they

just seemed like nice small bows to wrap a gift with and they were something like $29.00. I just wanted something

a big larger and with more "personality" than a plain bow.

Also, some of them have a "roped off" ribbon across. What is the purpose of those? I wouldn't even attempt to make them, when I consider the matierals, time & my lack of talent :)

Anyway, TIA

All the best ~~ katclaws

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The number of pew bows that you use will depend on the size of the sanctuary and the number of rows of pews. Some people use them only on the first four or five rows. Others use them on every other row, front to back, and some people place them on every row, front to back.

The "rope" or ribbon that links the bows is used when you don't want guests to be seated from the center aisle. If the church has side aisles that are reasonably wide, guests are seated from the sides. The first ones to walk down the center aisle are the mothers at the beginning of the ceremony. Most often, tulle is draped from one pew bow to another to block the center aisle rather than ribbon.

Occasionally, in very formal weddings the family is seated "within the ribbon." In that instance, the ribbon is used to mark the family area. Then when guests arrive, they tell the usher that they are to be seated "within the ribbon." The ribbon is then lifted to allow them to be seated and is replaced.

You can easily make large bows using tulle. You can purchase the bow hangers at places like Michaels.

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You really are "sweet" sweet pea! Thanks for taking the time to answer all my crazy questions.

I honestly don't remember half the things we did for my wedding 25 years ago--LOL

I guess I just want things to be really special for my future DIL & Son.

All the best ~~ katclaws

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It's common here to mark the last pew the family will be sitting in with a pew bow. The ushers then easily know to only seat family, from the bows forward, & the guests, behind the bows.

But, I have attended weddings with lots of bows, more for decorative effect, than "saving the pew".

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