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froggy05January 16, 2005

Well its almost time for sending out my invitations. We are currently having a small dilemma about wether its considered bad etiquette to print clear labels (same typeface as the rest of invitation) for each person's address or if we shoul djust write it by hand. We have over 200 invites to address, so the labels would be easier, but I just wanted some input on this!

105 days to go! Woo hoo! I can't beleive how fast its gone by!

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Labels of any type are used only for business correspondence, not social correspondence. Your invitations should be handwritten. Can you perhaps have an "addressing party" and invite your bridesmaids or your mom, sisters, etc. to help address the invitations?

When my daughter married, the groom's mother took her portion of the invitations and addressed and mailed them. It was so nice of her to do that, that we did the same for both of our son's weddings. We would have had to make a list anyway so it was just as easy to address the invitations. Plus, the help with postage is always appreciated.

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Both of Sweet Pea's ideas are good...

...but, if the groom's family addresses their own invites, you'll still want to have a list of who those invitations were sent to, so that you know if you are missing an rsvp.

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I have gotten so many invitations with printed envelopes by now that it no longer looks funny to me -- I have gotten used to it, especially when it is a pretty font and perhaps a color, not a very plain label that looks like it belongs on business or commercial correspondence. In fact, yesterday I ran into the woman that did the calligraphy for invitations for us twice, and she has an event coming up, and SHE is printing the envelopes instead of writing them! But I think it is a more casual event, too.

I still prefer hand-addressed invitations, personally, but I agree that printed ones have become acceptable.

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I agree after reading all of your responses, most of my friends had their invitations handwritten so I guess it is nicer to do that.
I got some nice silver pens to match the rest of theinvitations, so that should be fun.
Maybe I will get the girls together to help me, what a good idea!

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If you really don't want to hand address all of the invitations, it is acceptable to use calligraphy software to print the names directly onto the envelope, but not to print them onto a label, then place the label on the envelope.

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We did what Sweet Pea said. The envelopes ended up looking like they were done professionally with the same calligraphy and color as the invitations themselves.

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Just a note - although calligraphy is popular and can be pretty, it isn't required or necessarily preferred on a wedding invitation envelope. Plain old (legible) handwriting is what's traditionally required. (Actually, the most formal wedding invitations have always been hand-written, not printed. Printing was just a stand-in for handwriting, as computer-printed envelopes have become a de facto stand-in for handwirtten ones.)

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I think over time, engraved invitations became generally accepted as formal invitations, printed ones somewhat less so. I can't recall receiving any hand-written wedding invitations, even here in the stodgy South.

My copy of Debrett's doesn't mention hand-written invitations either, so they must no longer be acceptable even among the snooty British aristocracy. It states they must "always be engraved."

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I hope I don't come off sounding like a real snob with this. I was recently invited to a wedding. The invitation was hand written (great) in ball point pen (fine) but the handwriting was awful. It surprised me that for such an elegant, once in a lifetime event, they hadn't chosen someone with nicer, more legible handwriting to address the invitations.

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You're probably right, Spewey. And greeting cards seem to have replaced hand-written letters. I still write letters and invitations, though, on my beautiful Crane stationery.

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