Cleo Bench/Planter in Place

texaswildMay 11, 2011

Finished this last week, but had to wait for yard man to move it. Planted w/Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow. I'm quite pleased w/the outcome. BTW - I couldn't find glossy exterior grout sealer, and don't like the flat look of grout, so I spray varnished it to make the grout shiny. LOVE it.

Cleo in Place

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That turned out so dang cute!!!!!!!

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LOVE it!! She's adorable, and boy, you've got such a beautiful yard. You really did have the perfect spot, and I love seeing her with the plants in her crown. Is she comfortable to sit on?

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Thank you, ladies. LORI: I confess - I seldom sit, and I didn't try her out yesterday. After Juan and crew put her in place, I still had to discuss w/him plans to extend the fountain surround (work begins Monday afternoon), and have him rearrange some mosaiced cinder blocks. Then I planted the crown, then had to walk Toby to the park. I live six blocks from a spring-fed lake, and we walk around it every afternoon. After all the excitement, I had a drink on the patio and sorta fell asleep on the new patio sofa. Life is much too busy during the day to do much sitting.

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LOL, thus the internet handle, SLOWMEDOWN. Apparently, even Cleo can't.

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SLOW! How awesome she looks!!! Love the whole arrangment!!! I am trying my hand with Euphorbia this yr, I bought one called Black Bird!!! It would look good in Cleo too! I am so excited to see all this in person! Just 34 more sleeps!lol! I too think your yard looks Lovely!!! That pillar with Cleo is inspiring me to get the "new to me" cement mixer rollin'!!! I have just been swamped with work!grrr, but it's okay!

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Slow, she's gorgeous, I actually think she's better than the original. She looks great in your yard, you chose a good setting for her, she just stands out so well.

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Thanks, Cindy. I sorta like her better than Sam's too. Got a note from Sam saying the tail on hers is naked. That can easily be fixed, said I, and I'll see what I can do about it next year. She has other projects for me to do, so even if Riana doesn't get a class there next yr., I'm going just to work. Hope you and Jane w/join me. There's enough for all of us to do.

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