How to safely remove screens from wood windows

mjowestNovember 22, 2012

That says it all!

I have some old wood windows, that have screens in them- how can I safely, with out much injury, remove the screens so that I can staple lace to the backs for wall decor repurposing?

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Hi mjo, I see no one has answered you. I'm not sure. I imagine if you wear gloves and use pliers you can pull them out of the groove. After all this time you may have done it already. if so, how did they turn out?

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LOL- not yet. I had forgotten I put this question here.
IT's one of my winter projects, you know what I mean?

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Usually there's a thin strip of half-round wood tacked along the edge of the screen. Just gently pry that up (a thin knife or scraper), and you'll be able to take the screen off. They're made to be easy, screens often have to be replaced when those wooden screens are used. DH maintained ours for 40 years--it's simple. If you're careful, the wood trim can be reused (may need a little repainting), if it doesn't survive, it's cheap to buy at any home center.

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oooh thank you! will let you know how it goes!! thank you! the screens are in the garage, and I don't even want to go outside to get them, it's so cold, but i'm running out of projects!

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

Glad I stumbled upon this post. I have screens from my neighbor's windows. I never thought of using them for anything. I kept them in my shed because I figured someone out there would come up with a good idea! I have the windows in hopes to have DH make me a greenhouse! They've been stored under my son's clubhouse for two years now. Once the clubhouse comes down, guess what's getting built? :) And I can't wait for it.

Now I know what I can do with the screens! Thank you! It's a shame to throw such nice wood away.


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Still haven't done it... :( sorry...

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Its pretty easy go slow you don't tear youll be looking for more stripping,its pretty easy.

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