Help! dark brown cabinets and Venetian gold granite?

lilyfreakMay 29, 2009

does anyone have this combination or has anyone seen this combination? The reason I am asking is that I had originally chosen giallo ornamental but was concerned with the lightness of it. I am of Indian decent so staining the granite with turmeric while cooking is a definite possibility. I saw a gorgeous slab of bianco antico and was given a piece to bring home. It was treated with a sealant before I left and when I got home, I stained it with turmeric to test it and I could see a change in the granite, sadly enough otherwise I'd have chosen it. So now, I am thinking of Venetian Gold because it is more interesting, to me, than giallo ornamental and also, turmeric stains would disappear into the granite and be imperceptible. I would love to see pics of dark brown cabinets with venetian gold, please! Thanks

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Hi, Lily. I have dark brown, almost black cabinets with Madura Gold granite, which is a bit darker than Venetian Gold, I think. It's not exactly what you are looking for, but maybe seeing dark brown and a shade of gold together is helpful. I have had no trouble with staining, and I tested some samples with soy sauce and wine before sealing and had no trouble with them, either.

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I meant Indian descent and not decent, of course!

Morton, I and many others love your kitchen! Yes, your granite is darker but does give me an idea that the venetian gold might work. I was also wondering about the Santa Cecilia. My cabinets will be a chocolate fudge colour with a slightly reddish hue so are a little lighter than yours. Yours was one of the kitchens which convinced me to go with brown! Good thing I can't find fire and ice tiling where I live or I'd be copying your kitchen colours!

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We have Venetian Gold granite and walnut stain on Knotty Alder cabinets (dark). I started with the back splash tile, cabinets and just about everything else before the granite - I didn't want anyone one thing to be the OMG item in the kitchen so I kind of wanted something that would blend some what but look good when your eyes got there. I do like living with it more than I thought I would. It has some great colors in it.

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lv_r, another beautiful kitchen. I think venetian gold will go quite well with my chocolate brown cabinets. Thank you for posting the pics.

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Lilyfreak, I had Venetian Gold with dark stained cherry cabinets in my last house and loved the look. The dark browns and blacks along with the creams and golds of VG really compliment dark cabinets I think.

Lv r golden I have those same pendants! I love them! Beautiful kitchen BTW!

Morton, your kitchen is so serene.

Kat :)

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