Found a New Salvage Yard

des_arc_ya_yaNovember 28, 2004

Went the other day and took my aluminum cans to be recycled. Guy told me that they occasionally have people come and look and buy things. Told me they charge by the pound. They weigh your vehicle when you come in and weigh it again when you leave. I told him I wouldn't eat any candy bars while I was in there! LOL

DSD and SIL asked me what I was going to do with the stuff that I bought in there. I told them it depended on what I bought. They asked me what it was gonna be and I told them I'd know when I found it! LOL

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Hi I'm a new member. I wondered about salvage yards too. I see trucks full of scrap metal and wonder where it goes. Do they junk everything or do they sell things like the garden chairs, iron fence, etc.? I have to check this out too. Great idea. Sparrow

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Will let ya know when the stupid rain stops and I can get there! LOL

Don't figure I'm gonna find anything wonderful and all in one piece (garden furniture, etc.) People are pretty thrifty around here so I just expect it to me rusty pieces of metal, etc. My two favorite colors are weathered and rusty, though, so I should be in hog heaven! LOL

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Hi there!

I found a salvage yard last fall that does the same thing. It was hard to find one that allowed people to come in since they risk alot with the whole shards of metal and molten lava dangers.

I love it and I have found some great stuff in there! Same deal--pay by the pound. Of course I found the most expensive things to take--wrought iron. I took the supports from an old front of a house and in my welding class made them into a door archway--then took the rest and made a wrought iron front grate.

They were heavy and a couple of fellas who were melting steel helped me get them into the car. Next time I go I will wear some serious boots, take serious gloves and bringing a truck would help. :)

If you are patient and strong enough to move things around, you can find smaller pieces that don't require welding to break apart. Just be careful and pay no attention to the fella who weighs your car and thinks you're nuts for 'buying' rusted out metal. :)

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I know this is OT but I am on the lookout for old radiators to put into our extension...apparently they are way cheaper than the newer ones.
Someone recommended a scrapyard and I wondered if anyone has seen them?
Eand E'smom or Des, have you ever seen any in your travels?

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LOL I read your post and immediately thought CAR radiators! It took me a minute! LOL

No, haven't seen any, but I'll keep an eye out for them. Is there a "Finder's FEE"??? LOL

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Do you know how heavy those old house rads are?
I think your finders fee might be swallowed up by those shipping fees from Arizona to Ontario!.. LOL

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You know, I haven't seen those--and it is probably something that would've caught my eye. Gems like that would probably be at at one of those architectural salvage yards (I would kill for one near me). I think they have lots of those in California---and Minnesota for some reason--of course the word 'architectural' probably raises the price by triple. Go figure.

Just lots and lots of sheet metal/odd plumbing pipes, lots of 'junk' at my salvage yard, with the odd ball find that makes it all worth coming.

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Switch over to the tractors column in this group of forums, and look for Kevin Beitz' story about his gazebo, and how he built it and moved it. see if you can guess what the roof is made of! Talk about re-cycling!
by: rustyj

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Here is a link that might be useful: Fella's-gazebo

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