I'm Lonely

des_arc_ya_yaNovember 28, 2004

and I wanta talk JUNK! LOL

Anybody home on here (besides me??!) LOL

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am bored today too Des. I have the cold from you know where. Too sick to put up my X-mas decorations like I had planed . But yet not sick enough to be in bed. Just Miserable lol. So tell us more about the salvage yard you found, what kid of gooodies did they have there.

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Hey,I'd like to know what kind of stuff they have there to!I'm always looking for good ideas for the junk I run into and drag home.Sandyhills- Joy

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Haven't been there to look, yet, you guys. Took my aluminum cans in just at closing time last week and then the holidays "hit". Will let you know when I have time to go out there and "explore"! LOL

Hope you mend soon, Raven, and can get something "constructive" done! LOL

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Man, I wanna come visit you. If no one is looking we can stick something in our truck when we unload junk. They weigh in & out. Course if there is someone on the yard you can't. I have done it before. It just kills me to see some neat piece ofjunk way on top of a huge pile & I can't get it. I have a friend who does actual junking for money. He always finds good stuf for me. If he can't get it on his truck, he calls me to go get it. I will call him if I see an appliance or good scrap to haul off. Works for me. He's found me a lot of good wood. "B"

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