WARNING concerning Target gift registry

frances00January 18, 2008

Want to warn everyone concerning Targets new policy (since 8-10-07). They will NOT allow returns without a guest receipt even if the gift was on your registry list. You can only return four (under $20) items.

Our son was recently married and registered at Target. Some of the gifts received were duplicated since people forget to have the registry scanned when purchasing a gift. Then many people did not supply a gift receipt with their gift. When the couple called inquiring about exchanging the duplicate gifts for a store credit to purchase the other items remaining on their registry list, they were told they could not return the items. It was explained, that no items without receipts can be returned due to a new company policy since 8-10-07 (they registered 8-18-07). Now they are stuck with 3 sets of pots, 4 blenders, etc. It makes matters even worse when your being handled internationally and you can hardly understand the person your speaking too.

This makes no sense. Thought everyone should be aware of this policy. Beware before purchasing anything from Target as a gift without giving a receipt. Our family will surely not be registering for anymore weddings or baby showers at Target or shopping there. Please pass this on to other wedding sites and baby sites so that people can be informed.

Thank you

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It seems to me we were warned when DD was expecting about their registry return problems. While we like to shop there, she did not register there. Hopefully, your kids will be able to use some of those duplicates to regift others with wedding presents. Blenders especially ought to work, even for bachelors and single gals. Pots and pans are another thing. I did send a set each to my two bachelor sons one year -- a nice Farberware set of pots and pans that were on sale at Kohl's and a real deal. I know eventually they may marry and the bride will want some more expensive pots and pans, but this will help them cook and hopefully make some nutritious meals. I had discovered that they had so little in cooking utensils that they were not cooking much. Now I hope they are eating better.

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I'm reading more and more that stores in general are toughening up their return policies. Unfortunately customers have been abusing the system. I know in our cooking store they are now keeping track of who returns items frequently. It will be more difficult to try and return those items without receipts now. Thankfully the managers take care of returns. I don't have to deal with it.lol But the few that abuse the systems make it harder for the rest of us that don't. Losing money on items will always make retailers tighten their policies. NancyLouise

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The multiple gift problem is not just due to people forgetting to have items scanned. I made an online purchase of something that was listed as available, only to check a few hours later and see that there were now two purchases of this item listed. The problem is that they don't update their computer system regularly. If they can't install a better system, then they really should have a more flexible return policy. Especially when you consider that people who use their registry are bringing a significant amount of business to Target.

This is the first time I've experienced this, but I have heard lots of horror stories. Other registries I've used are a real pleasure to deal with. Don't waste your time with Target. In this economy they say that customer service is becoming more important for businesses--let's hope that Target will decide to listen to this.

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The tightening up of return policies is going on at other places, too. This is an side effect of couples using their registry as a cash source--that is, registering for items with the full intent of returning them for cash.

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A lot of stores will not allow returns without a receipt, not just Target.

People abuse the return policies buying things from other stores for less money or on sale and returning them to high end stores to "make a buck or two". People even shoplift items and then try to return them for cash. Requiring receipts makes sense.

Returns cost stores money and drive up the prices for EVERYONE.

I have a friend who buys armloads of goods at stores and then takes them home to "decide" if they fit, or go with her decor, or whatever. Then she makes a trip back to return them all. This costs stores money. She got banned from making returns at Target for 6 months.

I, for one, am happy with the Target policy.

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I purchased a gift for my daughter and husband from another source and called Target and asked that it be check as "received". Given that I didn't purchase it there they wouldn't do it. The intent of registries in general is to avoid duplicates and returns. The intent of Target's, apparently, is just for a Target shopping list. Shame on them!

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