What have you 'found' lately?

ohiomomNovember 23, 2004

This forum has really been slowwwwww. So, what have you found lately? And, what have you done with it?

It's getting chilly up here in NE Ohio, so gs have come to an end, the curb has been pretty slim pickins lately, maybe after the holiday's people will "clean out the old, to make room for the new"....and then I will get their old for my new!!

My most recent curb finds are here: The round piece of wood is in the process of becoming a mosaic wall hanging, and the little stool has been mosaiced and waiting for grout. The rest is still waiting (on me) lol

Here is a link that might be useful: Recent curb finds...

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That's some great curb shopping! I think the round board is the one that's becoming a flamingo -- right? Can you show a pic of the stool after you've finishing grouting? Or even before!? And are those leaded glass panes in that window??

:-) Barbara

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Yes, the round piece is my "flamingo"...I don't have a digital camera but I am taking pics "as I go"....the stool actually had a magnifying glass in the center, I filled it with grout and mosaiced it, I probably would mosaic DH if I could LOL

I have four of those cabinet doors, and yes they have leaded glass...they came out of a circa 1920 apartment building, just sitting here waiting for me to decide what I want to do with them....

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I am new to this forum, (from Australia) you all have such great ideas!!! :-]
I went to a local charity shop today and bought a cane picnic basket for $2. I am going to take off the lid (its a square one) and make a tray out of it and the base I am going to line and put shade plants in to put under pur pergola. Not bad two things for $2!!!!

Happy hunting
Gill (Gillian in case anyone thinks I am a guy! LOL)

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The last thing I found by the curb was a plant stand in the shape of a tea cart. A friend loved it tho, and I gave it to her.

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Its that "Aussie again"
I found a paper machee vase in an op shop 50c
I have painted and am going to make it into a fairy house,
the roof I am covering with sticks cut to size. The open end will have door and I am going to put windows in too.
When Its finshed I will put a clear varnish on it, so it will preserve it.
Neat huh?
Am a big kid at heart :-)

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Well "Aussie" I think a fairy house sounds great...

I just did one for another forum with a birdhouse, rocks from our Lake Erie (Cleveland, Ohio) and moss, pics below...

if you click on 'next' right hand top you can see the project from start to finish..

Here is a link that might be useful: Fairy House

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You all find great stuff!Here in our small Fl. town haven't ever seen anything curbside.I do shop thrift stores and yard sales tho and have found many things to redo.Very interested in doing mosaics on top of some small tables and flowerpots.Would love to see photos of some any of you have done.Joy-- sandyhills1

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Last week was awesome for me for curb shopping: someone put their house up for sale and dumped everything at the curb. I found a great metal tea cart, an old military footlocker, a wooden stool, and 3 chairs.

The tea cart is awesome, I love it. It was sprayed white very roughly, but has a lot of rust. It is in the midst of being cleaned w/ steel wool, removing all the old clumps of paint and all the rust. I still love it, though. It just needs some TLC.

The footlocker has a rotting bottom, so my husband is going to replace that piece of wood for me. I'll de-rust all the hinges and other metal pieces. I haven't decided what else I want to do to it; I don't want to cover the original military stenciling, though.

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Don't you just love road side shopping??
I have a couple of neighbours that will place things out front for pickup. A couple of weeks ago one of them put a little box out there. I was walking along & took a look inside. There was a little ceramic Christmas tree. Today I got it out. Its vintage I think. Its old, has one light bulb in the base that still works & little holes in the tree, and a bag of little coloured plastic birds to put in the holes. I cleaned it up today, works just fine & it's very pretty. Like a night light. Sometimes they kind of hide things in the tall grass, and you have to look close to find stuff. The other neighbours often place stuff by their garbage kind, particularly odd bottles. Thats where I got my fish bottle & my courvoisier cannon. Last week my sis picked up a small resin angel fountain, needs paint. Makes me want to go for a walk more often, cause you might not see their stuff if you drive by in the car. I often wonder what I missed, but I would feel guilty if I got all their stuff and didn't share it with others.

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I think I have read about your fish bottle, but I hadn't read about your courvoisier cannon. That sounds like an awesome piece!

My next-door neighbor died 3 yrs ago and I have been waiting for her family to finally clear out the backyard--I want the 2 huge kettles/cauldrons if they throw them out. They were used to hold up a boat, and one of the grandchildren came and took the boat a long time ago, so the kettles are just sitting under the deck. I'm waiting patiently......

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I put the courvoisier cannon in my fairy garden for the fairies should they decide to have a party! I have another neighbour thats a bachelor, he has all kinds of stuff he said I could have, let me think - old wheelbarrow, old rusty tiller or some kind of plow,lots of rebar & I'm sure there was more stuff. I better get it before its gone!

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Definitely! Lots of people have made yard art out of old tillers or plows, and I can think of a lot of things you could use the rebar for.

I love to take things that would otherwise go into the trash and make something useful out of them.

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Cozy, I saw a "collector's show" recently and those little ceramic trees are very collectable!!!! Nice score!!!

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found at the curb, all at the same house:
life-size terra cotta colored resin swan (neck swivels)
20 inch diameter, 30 inch high wicker basket
wicker planter with silk plant inside
wicker basket with handle filled with live plants
rolling stand to put under large potted plants
plastic sled

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In my area, these past few weeks have had great pickins. I have no more room for junk. I just keep my eyes open because I need to make some stuff for a charity auction ( mosiacs etc..) However I just found out that my township has a $1500 fine for Curbside collecting! How absurd, it cuts down on the amount of labor for the trash truck drivers etc....They claim it is to keep strangers out of neighborhood, who may be tempted to take other, non trash items.... Yikes I've never been fined and actually township workers also CCC. So technically I could get fined for recycling, cutting back on some overtime that cost the taxpayers, as well as making charitable contributions ( thru the auction ) to the schools in the township. Lame

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Eileen,money is what makes things work in this country.If your'e not spending it because you haul goods out of the roadside then some savvy city people have decided that you're not doing your part.Sadly enough more dumpster divers are finding locks,and laws are being passed to keep people like you and me spending our money on new junk.It amazes me that educated people are willing to use up unrenewable resources and pollute the earth with excess just to fuel the economy.

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Fortunately in California we have legislation that can fine a city for not reducing what goes to the landfill by 50%. City recycling coordinators really don't mind dumpster divers here. Unfortunately it's not the diving that makes store owners lock the dumpsters it's the illegal dumping that usually does it.Dumpster Divers are usually pretty good about not leaving a mess so they will have regular access.
I regular dive at dumpsters behind Thrift stores and donate almost all the clothing shoes etc to a low income givaway project at one of the schools. I have found amazing items. Large pieces of carpet are used in the yard for temporary weed prevention. We also have Craigs list here and tons of free stuff is listed daily. We need to get the kids educated more on reuse! Start em young! & Get the teens to think that the trashique style is in! A good book by the way is Mongo by ted botha. Good read on Dumpster Diving

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