another idea for window for xmas

mojojojogrlnjNovember 24, 2006

I was at ac moore and I fell in love with this the 30 percent off also lol...anyway this is what i decide to put together to use on one of my windows that only had one piece of glass....

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What a neat idea and great Christmas decoration. Good job.

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Love it, Mojo. Lettering on that pane of glass looks great--I'm sure not good at doing lettering. Great idea with the electric candle too so it can be lit up. Luvs

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That turned out really nice Mojo. I like your arrangement of the items and I agree on the great idea of the electric candle.


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I can see why you would fall in love with the snowman...he's really cute. I love the way you've put it all together with the window. I may just copy your idea and do the same thing. I love snowmen!


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Im going to be adding lights around the wreath also, the ones i bought just didnt work...(me and xmas lights do not get along lol) barbara it looks so cute the picture really dont do the piece justice....its ashame i cant show how pretty it is with the candle flickering....the approx cost for everything was 15.00 now where can you find a wreath for that price lol....oh and if you have an ac moore around you, I put a coupon for 40% off on the craft and decoration page on are some other saying that I found online that i thought were cute also....
Fat Snowmen last longer*Snow...The other White Meat*Free snowmen - some assembly required* Starlight, starbright, please don't let me melt tonight*Willy Melt* Will work for Snow*Will Work for Freezer Space*North Pole or Melt* I'd Melt for You*Got Snow*Snowmen will melt your heart* My heart belongs to Frostie* Snowmen have cold feet butwarm hearts*Snowmen make your heart melt* Let it Snow*Snowballs for sale*Flakes 4 sale* Alot of flakes live here*Think Snow*My heart belongs to old man winter* Snowcones 5 cents*Melting Zone*Snowmen fall from heaven unassembled*Have a Holly Jolly Christmas* Got snow?*Hug your snowman...It's cold out there!*Will work for freezer space* Snowflakes are kisses from Heaven*Snowfolk Welcome*Snowmen melt your heart* Shaped from the cold by the warmth of young hearts*My heart is where the snow falls* Cold twigs warm heart*Think snow*Snowmen are unassembled gifts from Heaven* I'm dreaming of a white winter*Cold hands warm heart*I love snowy days,frosty nights and warm hearts*Snowcones for sale *Snowflakes for sale*Snow Happens*In the Meadow We Can Build a Snowman*Life is Like a Snowstorm...You Run Into Lots of Flakes*SnowPlace Like Home*Outside Frozy Inside Cozy*

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I love the "unassembled gifts from Heaven"

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mojo! that is sooo cute!

I love all those sayings, I'm going to print them out.


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Oh I just love your window!!! Great job!!!

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