Coffee Table for DGD

texaswildMay 13, 2009

DD had been hinting that Kate needs a coffee table for her apt. She's a jr in college. I visited her apt. while in Dallas last weekend, and was blown away. Her decorating style is just like her Nana's - ME. Wild and Bohemian. Hence this table. It's a homemade table - bought it a few yrs. back at a garage sale, and never mosaiced, and ultimately ran out of room in my house for one more thing, so it sat under another table waiting for ???? It was a grouting nightmare. Not happy w/the tassel effect, and w/change that. Not entirely happy w/the paint either, so might adjust that. There's lots of symbolism I'd like to explain, but this message is already too long.

Kate's Coffee Table

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Wow! Wow! Wow! What a fantastic table. Kate is going to love it. I wish my Nana made me a table like that when I left home. She wasn't very artistic but could make a mean sponge cake!

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Slow, what a wild and wonderful table you made for your DGD Kate! The top is a real masterwork with that green glass. I love it. I'm glad you told us it was full of symbolism, as I could see the pieces but only guess what they meant. It will mean so much to her. And I LOVE that you have an bohemian granddaughter! It's wonderful that has passed along two generations!

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I have no idea wht you would think anything needs to be changed. Your DGD will flip when she sees this.


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WOW! That is loud and an attention getter..I couldn't see the top but Gail says it is green glass, so it must be. I am sure Katie will be proud of the table and so happy that you made it for her. I love it. Good job girlie.

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That is awesome Slow!! She's going to love it

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Yes o Yes that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks, y'all. DAISEY: The green in the top - I had asked her for ideas, and she said a red top and gave me license for the sides. I talked her into a border, and promised the rest in red. Well, I got all the gold outlined in the red, and so had this very irregular shape that I couldn't bring myself to finish in red - boring, so being the very irregular person that I am, slapped on the green from a jug of scraps I'd bought from an artist in Longview. Then, of course, I filled in w/the green scraps on all sides. I sorta like this table myself. FLAG: Don't know why you can't see the top. It's the fourth image.

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two words.....

outrageously bizarre!

I'm sorta/kinda a passive person but I would knock someone to the ground, and scratch and bite them, to keep that table!

that lucky little brat! lol
tell her I said so!!

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Ohhh, love the hearts!!! What a nice red!!! What a Slow Original!!!

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Slow, this is just gorgeous, I love all the colors you used. Love the painted legs. She is so lucky this will be a table she'll enjoy for years. Boy you wasted no time getting going on this, did it take you all of two days??

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Grand daughter is so blessed to have you!!!!!!

I'm guessing that you use a truck load of tiles and dishes each week. I'm am so amazed everytime you post a new pic.

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I know this late but this table is gorgeous! Do I recognize the red cross? Please let her know that I will be more than happy to come by and pick it up if it's not to her liking!!

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Well hey, GIBS: Thanks. I used the red cross you sent me in another project, and for the life of me, I can't remember which one. My DD/DGD know I like crosses, and had given me one just like it for Christmas. Oh, I know she'll like it. She lives in Denton, so you probably aren't very far from her. I'll give her your message. Wish you'd come see me.

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LOVE this! and I LOVE that your GDD has taken after YOU!
The top is really beautiful.

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Well has she seen it yet? Did she just LOVE IT????? It's BEAUTIFUL!! Love all the great colors!!! WOW!!!!

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How did I miss this Slow?? So, has your DGD seen her table yet?? It's another fantastic Slow original and sounds so fitting for your next generational Slow to start her new life. I predict soon you will have her doing her own artwork because she'll feel the need to update her house with all kinds of bohemian chic!!

I so love it, and I have an old wood table that I've been toying with a similar
idea in our guest bedroom. Thanks for the idea.

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Well how nice to see this again. Didn't realize this was my thread until I opened it. This is to be Kate's birthday present - September. If you look further in the "Gifts" album, you'll see that she has quite a lot of my projects. When I visited her apt., I didn't even remember giving her all of them. I embarrassed myself looking at the pieces hanging on her wall and admiring the work. LOL, LOL, LOL. Nothing like loving and braggin' on your own work. She always said she wanted to decorate her apt. just like my house. I even got some ideas from her. It was WONDERFUL. She's gonna flip out w/this table. W/every gift, she says "Nana, you sure know how to please me". Makes a Nana feel good. Oh, I DO go on, huh? MER - get on w/it, and HUUUUUUURY.

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