Made From Bed Springs-show me pics,Please!

kudzukweenNovember 19, 2008

I am trying to build my courage up to go into the woods with my bolt cutters and my trusty dog, to cut out some of the old springs to craft with. This is a really old set of springs, there's huge trees growing through them,lol! I just know it's gotta be a perfect place for copperheads or cottonmouths. I've seen a lot of these prettied up over the years on this forum, but I can't seem to find the ones I remember with the search bar. I cannot remember how they're made. Seems like a wooden bead for the head? I think Nona had made some snowmen. If you've made any, would you purty please add some photos or links to this thread? LOL

Thanks Ya'll!


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I have saved a page from one of the girls that makes them...
Hope it helps....

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Thanks Smickerdoodle! I did it, I went out there and cut out a half dozen or so of them. I was so afraid something large and furry with fangs or antlers would come running up to me, or a snake *ack* but I went out there and did it. I got a scratch off of a rusty spring,though,dirty word, I'm gonna need a tetanus shot.
And I remember now they were called Nodders! So I'm gonna try another search.

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Good luck! Make sure you're up to date on your tetnus shots too.

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I copied Oddie and made a Snow Man, and my grandson make a Snow Brother and Snow Sister. I also made a rusty star tree topper. Pics and how-tos on my blog. We used some unusual techniques, LOL...go check it out :D

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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