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beth0301November 15, 2011

My main bath at the new place has a built in bar light on the med cabinet. I really don't like it, but don't have the money to replace both it and the med cab right now. I keep envisioning some kind of pretty "shade" or something I could make to cover the ugly bulbs and make it more attractive.

Anyone have any ideas?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Don't know how hot the bulbs get but I was thinking if you could make a wooden(oak maybe) box around the outside of the thing with a little place routed out on each side to slide in a long piece of decorative screen like metal or plastic like they use on some ceiling lights that have long fluorescent lights, folks have 1 in kitchen, it is very heavy, use something lighter. Could use jigsaw & thin -1/4 in. thick & make a scroll pattern in place of plastic or screen(might find an old room divider with the scroll work already done) you might have to attach that with hinges at top so you could lift up to change bulbs.. If bulbs get very hot that probably wouldn't work. Jan

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first of all - it probably wouldn't look as bad if you put all matching bulbs in! I have a similar light bar in my bath, and I found that switching to clear glass bulbs made a huge difference from the frosted white bulbs.

Does the light bar go all the way to the wall? It seems to in the picture - which would limit your options for putting something around the bulbs.

I'm envisioning some type of cornice box - which may have to ended up 2 sided depending on the clearance to the side wall. You could do a fabric covered one - either a plain fabric and bedazzle it to your hearts content. Or a patterned fabric to tie in with the rest of the bathroom decor.

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If you don't rely on having very bright light right there you could use the candle flame shaped lights.
I would also paint the fixture, your wall color, or oil rubbed bronze or black - what ever suits your scheme. I posted a howto link below.
Even tho I'm usually all for wood, and I like oak even tho its not in style right now, I would paint the wood of the cabinet to freshen it up. Oak painted black is one of my faves. Its nice if the grain texture comes through. In that case I might leave the fixture silver, but definitely change out the bulbs.
Good luck. You may come up with something you like so much that you'll not care to buy a new one, which would be great recycling as well as money saving.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shayna's vanity light redo

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Somewhere, recently, I saw some "flowers" cut out of roof flashing and painted, then clipped over the lights in the light bar. Big lights might require something bigger than flashing--like big coffee cans or something.

You could make "shades" for each individual bulb using either coffee cans or wire coat hangers covered with whatever isn't flammable and fits your decor, or you could make a long hanger for the whole thing with the wire hanger base. I'm thinking maybe punched tin; that could be painted if you want a softer look.

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A shading would be great. building small sectional boxes around them could make them seem less abrasive.

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How adventerous are you? I've seen some really cool light fixtures using metal baskets, graters and colanders, etc., that create awesome shadows.

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I was thinking of essentially taking the lights out, putting a wood or other panel across that section and installing a new fixture above the cabinet (down light) or through the center of the replaced panel (up light).

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yeah, taking out those huge lights would be the first thing i would do

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what did you do?

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When you remove the bulbs cover the empty socket with a "shot-glass" and glue a round mirror to the bottom, or maybe cover with a colored votive candle holder.

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Do you have any pictures?

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