ATTN Dumpster Divas!!!

Lindy_BNovember 17, 2004

Just found this website and LOVE the opening page and so many cute ideas! I have already made a few things with the old 33 records. Enjoy!

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what a cool link. Thanks Lindy B. I love her skirt. Ive been saving old neck ties for years to do something like it. But havnt yet, didnt think I would be brave enough to ever wear it.

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Hey Diva this is that other Dumpster Diva in California.May the Trash Be with You! For those of you that are into trashy fashion check out
these girls rock!when it comes to trashy fashion.I have seen their show and they participated in a show with me at the EPA recently. Trashy Fashion shows are a blast by the way!

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May the trash be with you.... hmmmmm how does one put on a trashy fashion show.??? I am very very interested in this. What is the EPA...? Environmental Protetion Agency orEntertaining Peopleof America??? LOL Can't wait to check out this sight. Say, You have snow and rain out there don't cha? Just like us Iowans.......

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Raven........ I saw the cutest chair.... no seat.... They wove ties to make one... just darling!!! I have also seen pillows woven from ties,,, glued together on the front.

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hummm....just cleaned HDs tie rack yesterday and wondered how i could recycle these beautiful pieces of 100% silk! by the'll probably need to do this while he's busy elsewhere...they are so possessive of those really favorite "stained" ones!

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LOL Betty!!!

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My DH told me when he was a little boy
there was a man who took old tires and
wove seats for the cane

Never have seen one, he said
they were real comfortable, and you
couldn't wear them out!!

Just my 2
cents worth!!! lol

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Well Lindy it used to Be the environmental Protection agency but for the last four years it has been the environmental pollution agency...and it's probably going to get worse. Bascially you create outfits, write a script have 2 people take turns announcing the outfits. Haute trash has been at it for years and do they have some racy outfits. and some gorgeous models to wear them. My modeling days are over was too fat to begin with and now it's just more fun being behind the scenes and creating outfits. there is also an amazing lady in New Mexico who does incredible detailed outfits using nails, etc. I will have to get my pics organized into a photo album to share with everyone. Iusually start with a thrift store dress and go from there. the last one I did binded by the light used the black plastic report bindings that get tossed outwhere I work. I usually create one outfit a year. theres no limit to the creativity.

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OHIO god.... how in the heck would one cut a rubber tire??? A saw? an electric knife.....??? haa ha.. I actually bought an old harvest gold electric knife today to cut out my hearts out of insulation paint like candy hearts....I went to a fabulous second hand store today and got it for 3 bucks.... Everything else I got was a quarter or 50 cents....LOL I LIKE dem kind of treasures!!!! Come to think of it, I bet he used a jigsaw to cut the rubber ya got me thinkin!!!!! uh oh

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Trashtricks.... may the trash be with you! I went to that website......OH MY goodness... I can not believe it!!!It was unreal! Never be a fashion show like that around here in the midwest...hmmmmmmmm Maybe I ought to do something like that.....My first thought was a lampshade on my head!!!! LOL

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My DH Corrected me (smile) apparently the man used
Intertubes!!!! Oops!!! (hey I was close)

Do they even make intertubes anymore?

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Innertubes? Intertubes? in the world do you spell this????

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OH man!!!!!!!! and just after I got the saw out...!!! LOL just kidding....OK... innertubes.....huh..start a new fad? They wove these??? does your husband have one in the garage you could take a pic of??LOL Doesn't this sound like a hoot? Sure glad I didn't start sawing that tire...!!!! ha ha

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No, this was over 40 years ago. But you know
how you 'weave' a a 'basket weave'?

That is what it sounds like he did!!! My DH
said they were real comfy!!! Probably better
than the hard plastic they make now!!!

You know it's funny, our generation was 'recycling'
out of 'necessity' before it was a 'fad' thing
to do.

Nothing got thrown was mended or had
an alternative use!!!

Living in the city I have to shake my head at the
waste out on the curb that goes to landfills....
I wonder what the 'future' archeologist will
think about us!!!

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I just asked my DH, and he said they still make innertubes. He said to check your local tire store, or even Walmart.

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Now another question gals..... don't you think that after awhile of sittin my fat butt in this woven innertube it would start to stretch out??? LIke I'd be sittin on the ground in 2 years???? LOLWhen I think of innertubes I just keep thinking they are stretchy//??? But maybe not too.....stretchy.....hmmmmmm

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