two in one moh/bm & small town limited resorces

marcsgirl425January 23, 2010

I have two issues first of all I'm Canadian my fiance is American I don't really have any close friends or siblings and he's not close to his family at all it's just going to be my family at the cerimoney (parents g-parents aunts uncles cousins)it's going to be very short in the park across the street from my house I've told them if they want to sit bring a lawn chair my question is do you actually have to have two people "standing up" with you to sign the certificate or can any two people there sign it as witnesses my other problem is I live in a very small town and pretty much the only bakeries in town are in teh supermarkets I've been doing some online research for bakeries in the two closest city's but how do you tell from a website if the place is any good and my fiance's a Marine currently deployed in the little time we'll have together between when he gets home has to report back to base and the wedding I don't want to be waisting 2+ days driving around these two cities from bakery to bakery. I'm having an "open house" style resception with finger foods and my family and I are already making all that a cake on top is just too much.

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In the US, it doesn't matter if your witnesses actually stand or not. They only need to be able to witness what you are doing. I'm sure your officiant can tell you if things are different in Canada.

You might ask people you know if they have any recommendations for a bakery. And by all means, feel free to determine your baker without your fiance. He will likely want to spend time with you doing things other than running from one bakery to another. Find a bakery you like. Determine 2-3 cake flavors you particularly like. Write to your fiance and ask him to choose from those flavors. That way, he gets a say, even though he is far away.

Depending upon how far away the bakery is and whether or not they deliver, you might want to reconsider a supermarket cake. It sounds like you live in a fairly rural area and will have your hands more than full on the day of the wedding. The difference in quality might not be worth the difference in stress/effort.

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Make a cupcake wedding cake. Google cupcake wedding cakes and you will see how nice they look

Now is the time to look for a heart decoration to put on top as well as cinnamon hearts to decorate your cupcakes. You will need 3 clear plates or round mirrors with no frames in different sizes from big to small, and a bunch of dollar store wine glasses. The smallest one will hold about 5 cupcakes with your cake topper decoration in the center and they graduate down. The tiered plates rest on the wine glasses.

I'm sure your relatives that are baking wouldn't mind making a dozen cupcakes each and freezing them unfrosted. Supply the cupcake papers so they are all white. They could be different recipies as long as they would go with the cream cheese icing. Gather them up a couple of days before the wedding. Then freeze until the day before Take them out of the freezer and frost them frozen with cream cheese frosting that you buy in a can already made. Decorate with candy hearts and arrange them on your plates.

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As Duckie mentioned, in the U.S., anyone who attends the wedding and witnesses the ceremony can sign the marriage license. We are seeing a trend toward not having a wedding party and instead asking parents or grandparents to sign the license.

You don't have to have a wedding cake if you don't need one. I have had clients who served pie, cheesecake, croquembouche, and other desserts. If you don't care about photos of the two of you cutting a special dessert, then don't worry about having one.

Do be sure that you get great photos of the ceremony and open house. Once the day is over, you will have only your photos and your memories, so don't skimp in this area. If you can afford a professional photographer, that will be money well spent. If you can't, then ask several friends to take photos throughout the day.

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thanks for all the suggestions problem is I saw a cake on the tv show cake boss and have kinda fallen in love with it so I kind of want it replicated and then I was thinking depending on cost getting a groomscake as a suprise for dohim. We don't really have a set date yet so I can't do much in the way of the cake until he's home and can figure out the when, it might not even be a possability since you have to order them so far ahead of time.

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Be aware that the bakery you deal with may well say, "Oh sure we can replicate that cake for you" but in the end your cake is...not that replicated. Ask to see examples of cakes they have actually made to see if their technical expertise is up to it.

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Colleenoz makes an excellent point. Ask to see photos and for references and ask about the baker's experience. All bakers are not alike and I have seen some awful cakes the last few months.

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Also remember that a fancy wedding cake can run well into several hundred dollars or more than a thousand dollars. I have not seen the cake you mentioned, but expect to pay dearly for a special order that was so fancy as to be featured on a cake competition show.

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