How to create an upholstered panel on a board seat?

rosieNovember 29, 2011

Hello. DH and I are building a little windowseat, but there's no vertical room for a cushion, so it'll be a solid wood top. I'd like to dress it up by creating a rectangular upholstered panel, thinly padded and edged by upholstery tacks, on top of it. The panel would be surrounded by the wood it was attached to.

Hope I'm explaining this okay--like the seats of some old chairs--ones you don't want to sit on in shorts. :)

Does anyone have any thoughts on how this would be done? Do I start by covering a piece of cardboard with fabric and padding, then tacking that down? What padding would I use? Thanks for any suggestions.

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Rosie-could use quilt batting (one or two layers depending on desired thickness).Wrapping cardboard or foam core would work I think. Hope this helps. Good luck, Kim :)

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Yes, thanks a lot, Kim. Quilt batting would be easy to get locally, I'm sure, without heading into the city for special materials.

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Why not just cut your material an inch or less larger all the way around, iron the edges of your material under, cut a piece of batting slightly smaller then lay them on the seat and tack directly through the folded edges of the fabric. A little spray glue under the batting or between layers if you use 2, wouldn't hurt.

To make a tidy corner: fold the excess fabric/seam allowance accross the actual point* then fold down the sides.

*I looked for a pic and couldn't find one. another way of saying it: take the corner of the fabric piece and fold it down so the point is pointing inward, and the fold is at the point where you want your finished corner to be. Then fold in the sides.

Good luck and post a pic. I love windowseats.


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