What can I say? I am cheap!

rob333November 10, 2008

In addition to recylcing my comforter, I am planning on recycling the old shower curtain. I love love love it! It is sheer, very chiffon like, and has pretty botainical prints on it. I want to do 3 sets of cafe curtains. Has anyone ever recycle a shower curtain this way?

Before bathroom

After bathroom (the new shower curtain still needs its bottom):

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I haven't, but your sink is GORGEOUS!!!

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Well thanks kelly_OH! I'll just go for it then (as I wince and walk away). I am so chicken to try, but I will.

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Measure your 3 windows, unless they are very small not sure you have enough material. it is very nice tho, I would want to reuse it too. Usually need a hem, probably could use the holes to go through the rings on a rod for 2 of them.??? Would be nice covering for small pantry off kitchen. Top & bottom curtains?? Lots to think about!! AVERAGE SHOWER CURTain is 72 in wide. If windows were all together in a row could cut bottom part with enough for hem at top & hem the top piece & just have them run all across the lower part of windows. Usually want 1 1/2 times width as the window at least.30 in. wide window =45 in wide fabric. They are using them less than that on some I've seen so don't know if I'm helping you or driving you nuts!! Good Luck! Jan

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It is very nice shower curtain, you could get a beige fabric for the curtains & trim with the shower curtain fabric, that way you would have enough fabric to get good coverage on windows & still have part of your shower curtain to remember & enjoy. If money is tight check out ts & get king size sheet in beige color to match & could alternate panels of sheet,shower, curtain-sheet-sc so it would give more light. Hope this helps!!(I have lot of ideas- I just don't like to sew!!LOL)Jan

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Marlene Kindred

Wow! Your new bathroom is gordeous! Good luck with the shower curtain! I haven't ever used a shower curtain to make cafe curtains, but I sure think you can do it! Sunny cal gave good instructions--just measure first to make sure you have enough material...if not, you might want to save your shower curtain for another project.

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I don't sew, so i can't help you much, but i just have to say that i love that sink.

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