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christie_hartnerNovember 8, 2005

I saw a house in our small KS town that just replaced a large window. The old one is just setting on the side of the house and I am sure that they don't want it but know that our trashmen won't take it either. One or two paines are broke but it's probably 8ftx5ft. Very large and probably has around 40 paines. I know that it's a great find (if they for sure don't want it). It would be great for the top of a patio or something, but I already have something my DH made. I don't really have a wall large enough except my stairway. Can you help me think of a use. If I can't come up with something, DH won't let me get it. I have so many doors and windows in our garage, he is loosing his parking space:0)

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No suggestions coming off the top of my head, but hopefully somebody will think of SOMETHING! It sounds too good to let get away!

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How about a room divider for a covered deck or patio? If not a divider then a roof for a pergola? One large panel for a cold frame?

If it were me I would glass-on-glass mosaic it, but that's my specialty and with a window that big it would be quite a project.

There used to be a website with a bunch of ideas for old windows but it seems to have moved.

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Build a shed around it and you've got a great start to a greenhouse.

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It would be great for part of a greenhouse or a room divider (hung from the ceiling or beam). It would also make a good cover for a coldframe. Although it might be a bit heavy for that. You could also use it in the garden, create a way to stand it up by adding some triangle supports at the base, knock out several of the panes of glass and use it for a trellis. You could leave the paint as is, paint it a uniform/neutral color, or go for a bright eye popping color combination. Whatever you decide to do with it ... you would want to make sure to seal it well ... for outside so it lasts ... for inside to protect the old finish from flaking/peeling (which could possibly contain lead).

Good luck ... hope you get it!


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use it on the stair wall as a wall of fame.ancesteral fotos

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Oddly enough, I have a similar window, it's 36" high x 90" long.

But I might make a solar heater out of it. Make a shallow box. Use plywood for the back, put aluminum flashing on the back (which would be the inside of the box) and paint it black. Black aluminum really absorbs heat well. Then use 2x4's for the sides, and use the glass for the top of the box. Leave a 4" opening in the back of the box at the top and bottom. Put in a south facing window.

The sun will heat the black aluminum, causing air to rise out of the top of the back of the box. Cool air will replace the warm air by going into the bottom holes in the box. Now you have a source of free solar heat in the winter.

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I have an arched shaped pair of doors, probably from about the '40's, leaning against a wall as you go up the stairs. Next to them I have a column with a green silk plant on top of it. Kind of reminds me of going into an old garden room.


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I was in a home over the weekend that had a much smaller window with probalby 12-16 panes in it.

The woman's children mosaic'd colored glass on the panes. Each one was different, and the whole thing was just beautiful! They put screw-eyes in the end, and ran a chain through them, which allowed her to hang it in a window for the light to catch all the colors.

I want to do one for myself!

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