Making a padded headboard from comforter

rob333November 10, 2008

I am losing the bed frame, head, and foot board, but get to keep the mattress/boxsprings. I want to buy a frame (where is the cheapest?), and make a padded headboard. I've been pondering padded headboards for quite awhile, thiking about what style I'd like, the material, etc., and I think my old comforter has seen better days, but still can arrange it so that good part is what is seen above the bed. And the matching shams also still look good. So have you ever done this? What would you take into consideration? I assume the comforter batting is good, but an additional layer would be needed, especially if I tuft in any way.


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Check on DIY,or HGTV . I know I've seen a lot of shows that tell you how to make headboards. I'd use plywood or MDF. If you want to tuft it, like with buttons, you'd have to pre-drill holes for that. If the comforter is big enough, cut the best part off, and use the rest for batting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Thanks! Yea, I could fold it in half and it'd still work. I think. Good thought.

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Put an ad on Craigslist that you are looking for a free/cheap bedframe. Usually when you buy new matresses, you get a bedframe free... so people may have an extra to give away.

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I used to make message boards out of homasote. (Not sure how it is spelled.) If you just want to make a head board to mount on the wall, it would be very easy to work with and I don't think its expensive. (Cut to size, wrap with batting then your bedspread)

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If I were to do this-I'd cut the headboard into the style you like-from MDF-cover with a medium thick batting, cut your spread-llowing plenty to staple to the back side. Then to created the tufted look? Just use the hammered brass upholstry nailhead tacks-. However-if you want a different color-you can always spray paint them with Krylon paint color of choice, by sticking them in a sheet of styrofoam, to hold in place & spray the heads. Just make sure you place something soft & padded over each nail while pounding into the headboard, so as not to chip the paint.

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