coffee tea or me lol window....

mojojojogrlnjNovember 21, 2006

man it took along time to find glue that would hold the cups to themselves and then to the glass...everything i used was pretty much free or bought at the church thrift store for less than a dollar....i added a silk ivy to one cup just to see if it would look to busy...not sure if i liked it....figure maybe add stuff to the cups for the time of year etc....Im hoping to find some really fancy china for another window for my mom....

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Wow, super nice Mojo. I love it all, that door is so cute. The ivy in the one cup is perfect, leave it alone.


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Very clever,unique and very pretty. What adhesive proved successful?

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the adhesive for the china i use ge silicon household for the china on glass perfect glue 2 and for the screen door perfect glue 1....for some reason the perfect glue 2 didnt hold china together even roughing it up some.....

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Another really cute window mojo!
That little screen door is the cutest. I want one like that for my house.

Very cute!


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