Now I'm annoyed (lost treasure)

sladybug2November 25, 2005

How aggravating. A cabinet was out for one whole week. Dh and I decided to go back and get it after getting out and looking at the piece. Some neighbors were watching us. We needed to unload the van and then come back which we did only to find them dragging the piece away.I've learned my lesson to stay with the item or to just try to squeeze it in. I can only hope they will put it to good use. aghhhhhhh!!!

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Yep, there's just SOMETHING about the one that got away, isn't there!? LOL

I've learned a few lessons like that, also.

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o j

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I know the feeling well!! When I was up in Pasadena(CA) a few years ago(I live in San Diego), I was driving by a Marriott hotel where all the cabinets had been torn out. Mind you, these were not your ordinary cabinets as they were trimmed in rope moulding, etc. Some had wetbar sinks still installed, but most were separate cabinets, with nice countertops still attached. I've kicked myself numerous times for not picking up a couple(there were people with trucks helping themselves).

I'll never pass up something like that again!!!


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