recipe: your best vegetable lasagna...please

penny_md6December 4, 2001

I'm looking for a good recipe for vegetable lasagna. This is a dish I've made for many years on Christmas Eve. The children love it and and look forward to mom's lasagna on Christmas Eve, but we now must take the meat out. Oh, help me out here please.

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My daughter has vegetarian friends who eat dairy products so when they visit I often make two lasagnes, one meat and one vegetarian. I'd be happy with just the vegetarian but the rest of the family prefers the meat one.
I make a sauce as I'd make normal bolognese sauce, but instead of meat I put in heaps of small-diced vegetables- green peppers, zucchinis, celery, mushrooms, leeks, and grated carrots. Simmer until it's like bolognese sauce. Then layer as usual with pasta sheets and I use a bechamel sauce with heaps of grated cheese melted through. I know some vegetarians use ricotta cheese instead but ricotta requires a 50 mile round trip here and I don't usually get that much time to plan ahead :-)
Hope this helps

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