Just wanted to share.......

tngardengirlNovember 22, 2007

Hello. Just wanted to share some of my trash to treasure things with you all...

I love seeing what all you guys create & come up with on here.

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Beautiful! You do lovely work. I wish the pics were a bit bigger.

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I like your window swag, very nice. Have you thought to place family photos in the panes below? That would really be sweet.Like the other stuff too.

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Thanks everyone. I attached a link to my photobucket page, for some reason I'm having problems making those pics post larger???

Yes, I did do a window with my daughter's pics - it turned out great! You can see a pic of it too if you go on photobucket.

Thanks again!

Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket

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Dawn, just a little tip in case you might be interested.

If you select the pic you want to post, then go all the way to the bottom of the Photobucket page, you can click on "generate HTML and IMG code". It will take you to the next page where you then click on the first option,right click, select "copy". Now go to your post here and right click and select "paste". When you hit preview, your pics will show and will be sized so that when someone clicks on them they enlarge temporarily. That way you don't have to post your whole album unless you want to, and the pics don't take up much space on here either so it keeps the posts from dropping off so quickly. Luvs

P.S. you can do multiple pics at the same time too--no going back and forth for each one.

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Luvs, I really appreciate the tip. I will try that the next time.


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Dawn,those are great,as are all the pictures in your album.Love your gardens and all you have done with them,and your DD is a little cutie,love that last picture of her in the pink hat.Also love the bunnies with the stacked pots on your porch.You are very talented,and thank you for sharing those talents with me.

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Kathi, thank you so much. I love gardening as well as creating things - I guess you could say that it's my outlet.... The stacked pots were very fun to do and can be done for any occasion. The bunny "feet", I just happened upon & they worked out perfect with the pots. I've also made the pots in a smaller version & those are cute too.

Thanks again,

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Oh your things are sweet indeed Dawn.....I would love to find an old window like that.....how much would be reasonable to pay for it?

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