new baby girl

parent_of_oneMay 5, 2011

SD had a baby girl, oh my, she is so cute..SO keeps asking "is she really cute or is it just me?" LOL It is funny to watch SO getting all "look at my little grandbaby".

And all of a sudden SD is perfectly fine and talks with dad and me like she used to? And is all lovey dovey with us like she was before? What the heck was wrong with her for the last few months? She is hypochondriac and possibly was so hormonal, don't know.

If you followed my past post SD was always very close to dad, then all of a sudden barelly talking to dad, and only wanted her mom. Now when the baby was born, SD is all happy jolly and is just fine.

She was pretty much annoying the whole pregnancy. I hope she is back to normal, SO gets paranoid when SDs are acting weird.

We keep buying pink...:)

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Woo-hoo! Congrats on baby girl.

Think back to when you were with child, PO1. I was pretty crazy during a couple of mine. Cried, feeling got hurt easily, laughed then cried some more...I was just an unpredictable bundle of hormons I guess. Calling me annoying would have likely been an understatement.

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Congrats! Po1!! How exciting!

And... Yes she was probably just very hormonal. I cannot explain why but with both of my pregnancies I was a horrible B to my sister. I don't know why she put up with me but I treated her so bad. So possibly she was just taking her hormones and throwing them at her dad...??

Congrats again!!

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Who knows, I myself had a baby such long time ago so I forgot how it was, I am thinking now I was probably crazy too. OSD is generally moody, (both SO and BM are, it is a known fact:)), so it escalated during pregnancy. She drove SO and her DH nuts with cold/hot treatment LOL

But baby is healthy and just beyond cute. :) We haven't seen her yet (just pics), her BM went there, then dad will go in few weeks. I can't take time off work now.

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Baby girls are pretty fabulous ;)

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aren't they? :)

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Hope the hormone swings are over...
(But keeping my fingers crossed -- I remember PPD)

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thanks, sweeby yeah she is generally moody type, you never know..thankfully she is always civil.

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I get your SO's daughters mixed up. Is this the one who always invited herself on vacations and told her dad to pay for her? If so maybe she wants to be back in good with daddy to get money for her baby?

If I am thinking of the wrong sd maybe she just genuinely wants to be close to her family and was a bit hormonal during her pregnancy?

Congrats on the new baby in the family :)

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Congrats! Glad all is well for the moment.

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