ideas for bowling ball case

hallngardenNovember 2, 2004

Think I had seen ideas for the bowling ball bag before, but have forgotten. Went to a yard sale up the street on Saturday late and no one had wanted the bowling ball and case. The ball was beautiful, color of red, my favorite color, and looked so pretty in the sun. I have several with pennies and stones, so I decided to leave this one just as it was. This is the first time I have gotten a case, please give me some of your creative ideas. Thanking you in advance. Hallngarden

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If you are using it outside paint it with something to waterproof it.Maybe the stuff they use to waterproof the little overalls used for planters?? Sit it beside the bowling ball and put a pot of flowers inside.Or turn it on it's side and stick the BB halfway out as if it is rolling out of the bag and maybe add a few plants spilling out around the ball.Find an old pair of bowling shoes to sit beside it and stick some plants inside.That's all I can think of at the moment............Lillie

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I pick up the cases for storing lots of things. Mainly, I use one to keep in the trunk of my car to hold maps, flashlights and batteries, toliet paper, soap, etc.

My DH keeps our cat toys in another. I haven't used on outside yet. A big plant, though, would like charming coming out of the bag. Just set the pot inside.

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Make a hanging planter out of it. The handles should be strong enough for just about anything. Or is the thing really ugly? You can paint it, glue stuff to it, put a face on it and arms and legs.

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I use my bb bags also for the car and one for our dog's food,toys & etc for when he has to go to the boarding place when we go out of town for a few day or when he can go with us, this way everythings there, food, toy or what ever. His own suitcase. The people at the Bording place really had a laugh the first time I used it.

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I used a white bowling ball case for an accessory to a 4th of July costume I did. left most of it white added red and blue paint stuck tons of red clear and blue star rhinestones on it and have a wonderful purse for the 4th have used it in 3 trashy fashion shows so far. I have a beautiful purple bowling "gazing" ball in my yard that came in the bag
only paid 2 bucks at a thrift store for the whole thing

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can i make a suggestion? the clients at special olympics would love to have their "own" bolwing stuff. if it is a lighterweight ball you could donate it and the bag and make someone very happy.

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