Help I want to redo an old round table

mockfullerNovember 13, 2006

My mother in law gave me a really nice round table 4' in diameter. It has the feet on it that are brass and look like claws. It is dark wood but really beat up. I have a house with a large foyer and would love to place it in there beside our winding stair case. I wanted something different than the norm wood finish. My walls are cream on the yellow side and the floors are wood as are the stair treads. I was thinking of a mixture of wood and paint? any ideas would be most helpful.

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I'm thinking, I'm thinking. Need some time here. Right now when you say you want wood and paint mixture, all I can think of is painting the table one solid color and then - do you know those pics (found at Joann's & other places) that are sort of like a puzzle, different stains on different pieces of wood and when all put together (tight) make a pic (saw one of an eagle - also one of a boat dock house and dock into the water with the poles & all. I'm at a loss as to what they really call those - I'll think and get back to you later.


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I, too, have been thinking, trying to come up w/a suggestion, but w/o seeing the table come up blank - EXCEPT - how about painting a band of light color and stenciling a vine w/flowers into that part around the outside edges, making a border of sorts?

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And then there is the mosaic idea - a mosaiced border????

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Slow, you are too fast! I was gonna tell her to mosaic it, and I click in here and you already beat me!

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Painted with a crackle finish??

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WACKY: I'm LOL cuz that's my solution for everything!

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Mockfuller, please look at the post "Curb Find Table Turned Desk" (now just underneath my msg here) and look at what Soovhappy did with a curb side table she found. It is so lovely. Something like that in your foyer would be fantastic.


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What about doing more of a distressed look? Rub wax over the detail and edges, paint with color of choice...don't be afraid of major contrast...then sand off areas where you waxed,you could even use a stain over top to soften the look even more,then spray with varnish! Or you could mosaic the top....that is always a great look...

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Thanks, Sal. :-)

Mockfuller, here's a few pictures of a small round table that I painted red. I left the old leather top as is so I guess you can say it's a mix. Even has the brass feet.


Here is a link that might be useful: Small Round Curb Find Table

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SOOV: You did a fabulous job of the red table, as well as other things in your wonderfully decorated home. So beautiful!

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Maybe marble the top with paints and then faux paint the legs to look like old oak.

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Another idea. Use some joint compound on a make a relief stencil effect. Paint it, then rub another glaze color over it to make the stenciled design stand out.........and then you can put a thin piece of glass over it all to protect it.
I did a finish like this on some canvases to make some inexpensive art for a daughter's first home. BUt......because I did not put it on a surface that might have something sit on it......not sure if the glass would let the effect really show well. It does look great though and is VERY cheap!!!!

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A friend was throwing out 2 old, very dark round tables. The kind you would put flowers on; they are low. Anyway, I painted them yellow and then layered blue painters' tape on top and did a sort of plaid pattern with darker yellow and a teal color (paints I already had). Wish I had my camera to show you, but they turned out nice. And it was fun. They are a pair, but they don't "match."

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While I love the look of mosaic tables, I'm not entirely sure mosaicing will look appropriate on a table with little brass feet. The table sounds like it's probably from the 20s-40s-- those little feet were really big then. A lick of paint and some decorative painting seems like it would be more along the lines of the look of the piece.

I'd hate for you to go to all the trouble and mess of mosaicing only to find the look at odds with the piece of furniture itself.


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