Electric meter reused

izzieNovember 10, 2010

I though you good people would get a kick out of this. Someone had a clever idea on what how to use an old electric meter for. Not the prettiest thing but clever.

Here is a link that might be useful: meter/lamp

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I have an old meter too, and was planning to do something similar. Thanks for showing us.

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I like it! A nicer shade would make it look much better.

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Yes,I noticed the trim on the shade was little uneven & the back looks like they might have used a cut off cutting board or paintbrush. Probably made out of necessity as in "necessity is the mother of invention" maybe by a college student or young married guy. But I'm sure it served its purpose well. I would have put the trim on straight & on the back used either paneling with smooth side out or at least a piece of felt to enclose the "inside of the workings" Would get dusty in there & attract spiders! TFS Jan

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I just checked on the bidding on this lamp. It's at $27 plus the 12 shipping. Someone must really want this. Guess I am a bit surprised, but then it is unusual.

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I thought it was funny that the meter runs when the light is turned on!

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Very creative !!!!!

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