sistersunnieNovember 23, 2005

I kept seeing these orphaned gravy boats and cream pitchers at yard sales and junk shops. They are so sweet, dainty, etc. Always thought it would be neat to re use them somehow.Found tiny little sweetheart ivy and created adoreable planters. They will be given to people who helped us this year. Think I have less than $ 3.50 in either of them. Used wired ribbon and put a big bow and homemade paper tag on them and I was so pleased with the way they turned out. Now the florist where I bought the ivy from wants to carry them in her store!

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I have done those in the past.
I am glad you found an outlet for yours!

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They sound neat - would love to see a photo!

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I used to grow those mini african violets in thrift store china teacups. It made a lovely display. I put those aquarium pebbles in the bottom for drainage.

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When using a teacup as a planter, you can also drill a hole at the bottom of the china teacup with a masonary drill bit. Then the saucer can be used as a plant saucer.

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