Shadow box suggestions?

jflanNovember 7, 2004

Does anyone have ideas for smaller shadow box items? I have a few shadow boxes with dividers in them and the sections are about 4-5 inches in size. Thanks

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I've seen them done with seashells and other beachy type items. That would be cute if it matches your decor.

You can put anything you'd like in a shadow box. Think of what colors or themes you have in your house and go from there.

Here is a link that might be useful: My website

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Extremely small glass or brass animals (friend of mine has brass and they look good)


Brain is tired tonight - we've been moving furniture and cleaning carpets. Let me sleep on it! LOL

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What do you like to collect??? Just collect it in "miniature" and you have a shadow box that pleases you...

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I have vintage matchbooks from the fifties, lamp finials., pretty broaches, old baby blocks, tiny doll furniture, the glass "Knobs" off of old percolator coffee pots,,,,, so many shapes!!!, locket of mom's, big button, tiny plastic toys, old thimbles... oh my., so much stuff that I didn't want to put away and not enjoy!

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My "shadowbox" used to be a wooden 7-up carton. It held 24 bottles and has hangholds cut out on the ends. I left it as it was and used the slots on the bottom to hang it on my wall. Simple but works well with small items! :)

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A friend of mine collects old costume jewellry and filled a shadow box with old family photos and some of the jewellry she has collected. It looks great!

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I had a few shadowboxes. When we renovated our bathroom, I painted them white and did mosaics in each one. Everybody remarks on them.


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