Would you edit this room?

zdkb08August 4, 2014

What do you think about this room? Is it over the top? I was hoping for warm &sophisticated.

What would you would change?

Thanks for your help.

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I'd turn the sofa so that its back is to the three art pieces on the wall.

Put the coffee table in front of it;

Two chairs facing the sofa with a small table between he two;

Ottoman in the center, facing the fireplace, but on the outside side of the coffee table;

And please forgive me when I sound judgmental and harsh here. It's just that this is a pet peeve of mine: Take the dang TV down from over the FP! TVs are NOT artwork. Plus, they should be hung at eye level, based on from where you'll be watching. Get an articulating mount for the TV, and put it on the wall to the right of the FP, facing the sofa. Get a nice painting or framed poster for above theFP.

Turn the rug.

Lawd, I loathe the TV over the FP thing!

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I think I would probably add rather than edit. I think the furniture is sort of far apart: there are no tables to serve the sofa. How would you feel about window treatments? I think it's a good start.

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Btw, can you put pics up of other angles of the room? That's always helpful.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I would add lamps and change out the ceiling fan. While I have many ceiling fans and use them, I don't like that one.
Tables for drinks.

I agree about the tv over the fireplace, but that would need reworking the room.

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I like the red sofa. I like the colorful and large artwork. While I share Tibbrix's pet peeve, I think TVs above fireplaces are here to stay. So the sofa facing the fireplace and TV makes sense.

What I don't like: inadequate number of light sources, the fake (?) fica plant, the light fixture part of the ceiling fan (harsh light). The lack of side tables and/or a coffee table for use by people sitting on the sofa. I don't like the set-up in front of the fireplace - I can't make out what that thing is between the two chairs - is that a coffee table? Blocking the fireplace with furniture, even if you don't use it, seems wrong.

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Like Pal, I would. Is that editing? If so, yes, I would edit. I would add some inviting chairs, and what is that ball thing in front of the tree (yikes). I agree with Tib that I don't like TVs over the fireplace but they are what they are and they are becoming standard fare. I might figure out some what to disguise it when not in use. The triptych sort of looks lost without something to "hold it up." I think a table is needed there. I don't like that ottoman there. Could that be placed under the window and used for the times you have guests and are not watching the boob box? That's a start.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I agree with some of the other suggestions...window treatment, moving the coffee table out from in front of the fp...I'd add a couple of small cube ottomans that can be used as foot rests/coffee tables in front of the 2 seating sections on the sofa.

But if it's warm you're going for, then I would want to warm up the wall color if possible. It seems like a very gray white and working against the other warm colors you are adding to the room.

If there's no room for side tables by the sofa, then add a sofa table behind with some lamps on it.

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I think the TV is the issue: this is a TV room, so there is no point making a conversational grouping with the other chairs. People are not conversing--they are all lined up sitting on the sofa to watch TV. So, perhaps, move the furniture blocking the fireplace to the side with the three pieces of art and certainly put a table of some sort to serve the people on the sofa.

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You need end tables and two comfy chairs, perhaps club chairs. I don't see why you need the cocktail table at the fireplace or the faux tree. A rug is needed. Window treatment is needed but not sure about grey walls. I think the grey walls are like builders' white once was --- everybody has grey walls. I like the artwork but I am not sure the tall artwork goes with the short walls. It seems that you need something substantial on that wall but you cannot put anything there because you have that artwork. I do LOVE your sofa.

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I disagree about TV's over the fireplace. I don't think anyone is mistaking it for a piece of art and sometimes it is the best solution in a space. If it works for you over the fireplace then by all means keep it there.

The coffee table in front of the FP doesn't make sense to me...but it could be there to keep toddlers away so OK for now if that's the case.

Yes to a warmer color on the walls, window treatments, and a new fan.

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a) Raise the three artworks on the far wall -- and swing the sectional so that it is under those artworks ..... and the room will appear to be "taller" .....

b)Move the chairs and coffee table away from the fireplace .... Instead -- add two new comfy armchairs (a pair) placed in a corner-arrangement across the sectional (now along the main wall)

c)Add end tables to the sectional -- and a small square table between the new comfy chairs (to finish the new corner arrangement) Add another lamp to this arrangement ....

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Great suggestions above! ItâÂÂs always awkward trying to figure a place for the TV in a room with a fireplace. If it were me IâÂÂd probably convert the fireplace to gas and bring that mantel top Way way down so you could lower the TV considerably. It just looks very uncomfortable for viewing up so high. As far as mounting the TV on the same side wall as the fireplace, well that solution kind of bugs me because then the TV and fireplace are fighting for the attention. At least with an over fireplace mount your eye isnâÂÂt struggling for a place to land.

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Thank you all! I've enjoyed reading each one. You've confirmed what I thought about the chairs/coffee table in front of the fireplace. Although, I thought my beef was with sheepskin on the chairs. :)

TV/couch/ art stays where it is. I like it and it allows more furniture placement options.

The 'thing' in front of the fake plant is the lampshade of an arc lamp. LOL

Window treatment, painting, etc definitely on my list.

BTW, this pic is behind the sofa. The kitchen & breakfast nook is to the left of the FR & hutch.

Thanks again, this was just what I needed. Unbiased opinions.

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What is the primary focus of this room? Do you have another living space i.e. den, family room. rec room. or is this the main gathering area. What needs does this room need to meet and fulfill.

The couch, the artwork and the ottoman are reading a little more contemporary than the rest of the room is showing. In your second photo the little table with the lamp on it follows that a bit as well. (I'm not a fan of those kind of mirrors so I'll leave that) I would like to see that look followed through a bit. This may be out of your budget but I would like to see a more contemporary area rug that picks up the red of the couch with perhaps some black in it. Perhaps something with some geometric shapes, anyway something with a large pattern to it.

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Table, chairs have been removed. Would this rug work? 9x12 at a really good price layered with a smaller black rug, maybe

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I think it is a wee bit bold if what you are going for is warm and sophisticated.

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What about this one from overstock. It is very well priced.

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Very nice. I'll take a look. Tell me, where does the chevron rug take the room? I really like it. :)

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I disagree with a lot of the above advice. The room is not **just** for watching tv, but clearly that is a primary purpose and the placement of the tv is fine. It's tilted and visible--- and I certainly would not try to hide it as if pretending you don't watch tv. In this day and time that's absurd.

But since this room seems to be an open plan extension of the kitchen area (family room, perhaps?) you do need more seating. I like the chairs you have IF the fur throws are secured so they don't slip off when someone sits down. But they are poorly placed and the cocktail table is too big and should be removed. Try putting the two chairs side by side parallel with the far edge of the rug and in a line with the end of the sofa and put the ottoman in front of the fireplace. Put a small table between the two chairs only if you have enough room. (You def don't have enough space for club chairs from what I can see, but if this doesn't work, perhaps one club chair in the space where I've "moved" your existing chairs, with a side table that serves both the chair and that end of the sofa.)

There should be some sort of end table at each end of the sofa for drinks to sit on.....that's one of the problems with this type of sofa, it's hard to use a cocktail table in front of it and with your layout I wouldn't even try.

There is nothing inherently wrong with your rug, if it contains the right colors. It's ok for a rug to be a background piece; if everything makes a "statement," you decor is shouting :-) Try these changes before you buy anything.

And you didn't ask, but I would get that decorative item off the top of your curved top china cabinet as it detracts from the nice curved line.

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Thanks, I've removed the brown chairs and table. And you're so right about the vase over the hutch. I've been meaning to remove. Thanks for the reminder!

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You're very gracious, I d hoped you would be offended at the gratuitous advice :-)

Do try placing your chairs side by side just out from the far end of the sofa, I think they might work there.

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Will do. Thx do you like the chevron rug in the room?

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The chevron rug works better if you keep the chairs with fur throws. Otherwise it is an unrelated element. The sofa is your dominant color, obviously, but I would love to see the artwork in a close up. I think you might be better off looking for an oriental style rug that contains several of those colors and red. And everything goes with an old looking oriental, and it ticks the boxes of warm and sophisticated.

Forgot to mention that I would change out the fan to something more modern, with wood (darker wood tone) blades and no light. If that's not possible right now I would at least take off the light kit on your current fan and replace the whole fan later.

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Am I the only one who is seeing a table in front of the fireplace?? That is an issue--much larger than the TV. I think the TV is placed well--given the room constraints. Who decided the point of "over the fireplace" space was for art? People in movie theaters are often sitting close up and thus looking up. Some people prefer that. What do YOU prefer? I am guessing looking up. I look at this room and feel it needs 'cozy'. I would want the tree to be near the window--plants like light--fake tree..well near the light would enhance to impression of REAL. The lamp over the sofa is very MCM. The sofa is close also. I think the biggest issue is you deciding on a style. The rugs pictured are leaning to MCM . The chairs, TV, fire place are not. Adding drapes will warm the room up--but not help with the MCM. The room is a mix and I think that is what is not working.

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Close up of art.

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The fan is the kind of fan that makes people hate fans. Go simple,like a dark wood Casablanca, if you need/want a fan/light combo.

The table in front of the fpl is odd; gotta go.

I don't like tvs over FPL but I totally get why people do it and what a PITA it can be to change, so leave it.

I kind of like the vibe otherwise.

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I really like the triptych--- it has a lot of movement and color! Something like this rug from Overstock would be a good way to tie in your colors:

Here is a link that might be useful: Afghan rug

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room planner is fun to use

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Thank you. But not enough room to move the couch to the left. But I'll try room planner. Which did you use?

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It is an ipad app

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Thank you!

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I think the dogs go very nicely with the rug kswl posted. Always consider you animals first.

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